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Discover 150+ Serviced Villas in Mykonos

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Feel right at home with our ultimate guide for Mykonos villas, your go-to source for planning an unforgettable and lavish vacation on the beautiful Greek island. Known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant nightlife, lively party scene, and unique Cycladic architecture, Mykonos has established itself as a true treasure of the Aegean Sea. However, what really makes it stand out is its evolution into a top-notch luxury destination. This reputation is largely thanks to its outstanding collection of upscale villas, which offer unparalleled amenities and services.

Why are Luxury Villa Mykonos Rentals so Popular?

You’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, experience the rich cultural diversity, and take advantage of the excellent facilities that the “Queen of the Cyclades” has to offer. Not only do the top-notch villas in Mykonos provide cozy accommodations, they also offer captivating experiences that enrich your vacation. These accommodations are designed to meet a range of needs, providing options for those seeking privacy as well as those looking for personalized services to indulge in luxury. Luxury villas in Mykonos will impress any discerning traveler.

Top 10 Villas in Mykonos

The Aegean jewel of Mykonos, with its serviced villas, provides a perfect combination of paradise and home comfort. Here are ten special places that capture the essence of the Cyclades: seclusion, ease, and luxury.

  1. Carmina: Panoramic Luxury

Breathtaking views, a turquoise infinity pool, and modern interiors define Carmina. With five bedrooms, it accommodates 15 guests, providing easy access to Psarou Beach and Mykonos Town.

  1. Psarou Delight: Seaside Glamour

Situated above Psarou Beach, Psarou Delight offers a massive infinity pool and accommodation for 20. Its seven bedrooms and exclusive location make it a glamorous choice.

  1. Atalanta: Party Haven with a View

Atalanta, in Kastro, accommodates 23 guests and boasts two infinity pools, a tennis court, and luxurious interiors. Ideal for celebrations, it’s part of the Kastro Retreat complex.

  1. Alba: Luxury in Aleomandra

Alba, for up to 10 guests, features a zero-entry pool, jacuzzi, and fully equipped gym. Divided into three units, it offers a perfect balance of tranquility and accessibility.

  1. Melia: Family Relaxation in Elia

Melia, ideal for families, offers a private pool and four bedrooms. Located in Elia, it strikes a balance between Mykonos Town’s vibrancy and secluded relaxation.

  1. Bernadette: Sunset Views in Fanari

Bernadette’s terrace provides unobstructed sunset views and a soundproof environment. With six bedrooms, it’s a luxury villa contributing to the homeless in Greece through Emfasis.

  1. Giulietta: Design Sensation

Perched on a hill, Giulietta offers mesmerizing views of Psarou Beach. With five bedrooms and a Signature Portfolio status, it ensures a glamorous Mykonos lifestyle.

  1. Skyrock: Modernist Dream Home

Skyrock in Agios Stefanos features a heated infinity pool and an outdoor home theater. Its modern design and strategic location offer a quintessential Mykonian lifestyle.

  1. Alchemia: Tranquil Luxury

Set on Agios Lazaros hill, Alchemia accommodates 18 guests amidst breathtaking views. Surrounded by nature, this villa promises an authentic Mykonian living experience.

  1. Arizona: Timeless Luxury Near Super Paradise Beach

Villa Arizona, a pearl near Super Paradise Beach, combines Cycladic charm with modern luxury. Its stone terrace and lush gardens offer a private retreat.


Mykonos unfolds a tapestry of serviced villas, each promising a unique and unforgettable stay. From the panoramic luxury of Carmina to the timeless charm of Arizona, embrace the Mykonian lifestyle where every sunset is a celebration.