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Discover the Potential of AI in Slot Machines

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Artificial intelligence, a buzzword in 2024, is no longer confined to science fiction. It’s a part of our daily lives, from helping us draft text documents to editing photo and video media. But have you ever wondered about its role in slot machines? They are one of the most popular casino activities from rookies to seasoned pros because they take little skill. At the same time, free slots are often used on websites to lure players in or even act as part of a prize giveaway where a discount voucher is given along with other prizes.

This popularity means that AI is likely to get involved with slots at some stage, but what use could it really have?

Feed the Information to the AI – It may learn patterns

One way that AI could assist slot machine players is that it could have the nerve to study and predict the slot machine results. With enough data, it could spot trends that would go unnoticed by the human eye.

For example, you get 7-Bar-Cherry, then you get Cherry-Bell-7, etc. If you submit hundreds of the results to the AI, it might be able to spot trends and illuminate potential winning spins. It could be that with every 50th spin, you’ll get an enhanced chance of matching symbols. Of course, this will take time, but theoretically, the AI will store and utilise the data.

The only problem is that the software that makes the slot machine work is usually much less sophisticated than contemporary AI systems. Many of them use random number generators or software designed to mimic randomness.

Help find the best slot machines.

Given that AI can trawl the internet and find information with ease if a slot machine player wants to see a slot machine game with specific attributes, then there’s a chance that the AI systems can find it for them.

A gambler could be looking for a slot machine with a low minimum stake but has a movie theme; while they could do their organic search, this could be time-consuming. AI can search the internet much faster and help the gamer crack on by playing the slot machine rather than searching for it.

Help with finding online casinos.

New online casinos are emerging every single day. New customers can benefit from many sign-up bonuses for these initial transactions or perhaps to get some free slots as part of the bonus. The best AI systems can now search and present information to users upon request. As long as the data the AI is using, it can find the best sign-up offers, allowing slot machine players to take advantage of the very best new customer deals.

A helping hand to the gambler

This is true of all gambling activities, but sometimes, if the player is gambling excessively, they may need assistance regulating their activity. If the slot machine player documented their activity like a diary to the AI system, it could lend emotional or realistic support, prompting them to end their session after a significant loss.

It’s also important to consider that AI will probably track your financial activity if you have a bank account with one of the major establishments. If you have the correct privacy settings enabled, the AI informs you when spending patterns emerge, i.e. if you’re spending more on the slot machines than before and prompts you to consider whether you need to keep gambling.

Personalising Game Experience

In theory, the non-identifying behavioural information can be used by AI to help online casinos provide users with bespoke gaming experiences whenever they log on to play on online slot machines. If a user tends to particular stake ranges in the games, the interface can populate new slot machines for the gamer to try out when they become available.

What AI can’t do for you in slot machines?

AI systems can assist in some capacity regarding slot machine play. There are a few limitations. Online casinos employ teams of IT service people to ensure that players do not manipulate games and have AI play them for them; therefore, if you thought you could code a bit of AI to play the slots for you, you’re sorely mistaken. Such exercises are often detected and then lead to account bans and suspensions.

The AI cannot change or predict the games. Even if you played 10,000 spins on the same machine and input every single result, the AI can only try to point out patterns. Still, the random number generators may not exhibit any plausible results for a forecast.

Another drawback with AI and slot machines is that AI may not understand when the machine last paid out. This can often enhance the player’s odds as some machines (especially live venue slots) have greater odds of winning when a specific amount of time has elapsed since the last cash payout.