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Discovering America’s Best Passover Programs: From East to West

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The concept of Passover programs is an American innovation, tracing its roots back to modest beginnings with a handful of hotels in upstate New York. Over time, this concept blossomed, stretching its wings to sunny Florida and, eventually, gaining traction globally. Today, Passover programs in the United States remain a highly popular choice for observing this pivotal Jewish holiday. These programs vary widely, ranging from basic accommodations to opulent resorts, catering to diverse tastes and budgets.

Central to these programs are the essentials of the Passover experience in The United States: Kosher for Passover food, minyanim (prayer gatherings), and a spirit of communal celebration. Beyond these core elements, many programs offer an array of additional features such as engaging lectures, day camps for children, a variety of activities, entertainment, and organized day trips. Opting for a Passover program means you can leave behind the concerns of cleaning, shopping, and cooking for Pesach, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the holiday’s spiritual and communal aspects. With options spread across the East Coast, West Coast, and the Southern United States, there’s a Passover program to suit every preference, ensuring a meaningful and stress-free celebration.

Passover Programs on the East Coast of the United States

Upstate New York

Nestled amidst the tranquil and scenic landscapes of Upstate New York, Passover programs here are synonymous with luxury and tranquility. Guests are treated to a blend of natural beauty and sophisticated living. Accommodations range from plush, comfortable rooms to lavish suites, ensuring a stay that combines relaxation with a sense of grandeur. The gourmet Kosher for Passover meals are a highlight, featuring a fusion of traditional flavors and contemporary culinary techniques. For recreation, these programs offer a diverse array of activities, including nature walks, wellness programs, and various family-friendly entertainment options, all set against the backdrop of New York’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Jersey Shore

The Passover programs at the Jersey Shore are a perfect amalgamation of serene beach landscapes and rich cultural experiences. The oceanfront settings provide a calming backdrop for the holiday, with stunning views and the soothing sounds of the waves. The programs here are designed to enrich the mind and spirit, featuring engaging lectures by renowned speakers, discussions on Jewish history and culture, and a wide array of entertainment that caters to all age groups. The atmosphere is one of community and relaxation, allowing guests to deeply connect with the Passover traditions in a serene coastal setting.

The Berkshires, Connecticut

In the heart of New England, the Berkshires in Connecticut offer a serene and picturesque setting for Passover programs. These programs are characterized by their idyllic locations, nestled among rolling hills and natural beauty, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The focus here is on a balanced holiday experience, with a mix of relaxation, spiritual growth, and outdoor activities. Guests can enjoy a variety of programs, from nature hikes and sporting activities to wellness sessions and cultural workshops, suitable for visitors of all ages. The Berkshires provide a perfect backdrop for a Passover that is both rejuvenating and spiritually fulfilling.

Near Baltimore, Maryland

Located just a short drive from the urban center of Baltimore, Maryland, these Passover programs offer a unique combination of city accessibility and rural peace. Without the need to travel far from the city, guests can immerse themselves in a tranquil environment, perfect for celebrating Passover. The programs in this area are known for their warm hospitality and community-centric approach. They offer a diverse range of activities, from interactive workshops and discussions to family-centered games and entertainment. These programs create an inclusive and friendly atmosphere, ideal for families and individuals looking to experience a meaningful and relaxed Passover celebration.

Passover Programs on the West Coast of the United States

San Diego and Near Los Angeles, California

In the heart of California’s sun-drenched landscape, San Diego and the areas surrounding Los Angeles are renowned for hosting some of the most coveted Passover programs in the country. These programs take full advantage of the iconic Californian lifestyle, offering a perfect blend of leisure, luxury, and spiritual enrichment. 

In San Diego, participants can enjoy a coastal experience, with programs often held in resorts that provide direct access to some of the most stunning beaches in the area. The atmosphere is one of relaxation and celebration, where days are filled with beachside activities, cultural workshops, and opportunities for religious observance.

Close to Los Angeles, Passover programs combine the allure of urban exploration with the tranquility of retreat-style settings, offering a range of activities from city tours to serene nature walks. Both locations are ideal for families and individuals looking for a Passover experience that combines religious tradition with the laid-back, sunny vibe of Southern California.

Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona

Arizona’s unique desert landscapes serve as a dramatic backdrop for Passover programs in cities like Scottsdale and Flagstaff. These programs are a blend of luxury, adventure, and spiritual growth, set in the stunning scenery of the American Southwest. Scottsdale’s resorts are known for their opulence and attention to detail, offering guests a chance to indulge in a range of spa treatments and wellness programs.

In Flagstaff, the focus is on integrating the beauty of the natural world with the observance of Passover. The programs here often include outdoor adventures like hiking, guided nature tours, and star-gazing, allowing guests to connect with the environment and the holiday’s themes of freedom and renewal. Educational and spiritual sessions are tailored to enhance the understanding of Passover’s significance, often held against the backdrop of Arizona’s breathtaking landscapes. Whether seeking a luxurious retreat or an adventurous holiday, the Passover programs in Scottsdale and Flagstaff offer a unique and memorable way to celebrate the festival.

Passover Programs in Southern United States

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, Florida

Florida, with its inviting climate and stunning beaches, is a premier destination for Passover programs, each city offering its unique flavor and experiences. In Miami, the programs tap into the city’s vibrant cultural scene, blending traditional Passover observances with a taste of Miami’s lively atmosphere. Guests can expect luxurious accommodation at beachfront resorts, and a variety of cultural and recreational activities that reflect the diverse spirit of the city.

Moving north to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, the focus shifts to a more relaxed and serene coastal experience. These areas are known for their beautiful beaches and laid-back ambiance, making them ideal for families and individuals seeking a peaceful retreat. The programs here often feature resort-style amenities, outdoor activities like water sports and beach games, and opportunities for communal gatherings and religious observance.

Orlando’s Passover programs are particularly family-friendly, taking advantage of the city’s status as a world-renowned destination for family entertainment. Beyond the traditional aspects of Passover, these programs often include access to local attractions and theme parks, ensuring a fun-filled holiday for guests of all ages. The blend of Orlando’s attractions with the observance of Passover creates a unique and memorable experience, where spiritual significance and family fun go hand in hand.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stone Mountain, Georgia, offers a distinct Southern Passover experience. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque and iconic Stone Mountain, these programs are imbued with a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. The area is known for its Southern hospitality, which is reflected in the warm and welcoming nature of the Passover programs. Guests can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and exploring the scenic surroundings, which are especially beautiful in the springtime.


From the tranquil settings of Upstate New York to the sunny shores of California, and down to the warm hospitality of the South, Passover programs across the United States offer an array of experiences that cater to every taste and need. These programs not only provide an opportunity to observe one of the most significant Jewish holidays but also offer a chance to create unforgettable memories in some of the most beautiful and diverse locations in the country.

The variety is astounding: whether it’s the cultural richness and serene beaches of the East Coast, the adventurous spirit and natural wonders of the West Coast, or the familial warmth and picturesque settings of the South, each region brings its unique charm to the Passover experience. The programs are meticulously planned to combine the spiritual essence of Pesach with the comforts and pleasures of a holiday retreat. From luxury resorts to family-friendly activities, and from spiritual enrichment to cultural exploration, the options are as varied as they are fulfilling.