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Dunlop – Expect Excellent Performance Everyday

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Founded in 1889, Dunlop happens to be one of the leading tire brands that is renowned all over the world for its top-quality and durable tires. The brand is performance-driven and focuses on delivering an excellent driving experience on the road regardless of the weather. If you wish to have strong and lasting  tyres Dubai at a good price, you can look at some of the online platforms designated for tyre purchase. You can never go wrong with Dunlop tyres if you reside in UAE as despite the dry and hot weather, the brand continues to perform ideally on the road.

The tyre manufacturer is known for its excellent quality, durability, and performance. Different leading tyre manufacturing companies in the world, such as Goodyear, Continental, and Sumitomo Rubber Industries manage Dunlop in different countries. These companies manage Dunlop in Australia, Europe, North America, and New Zealand. Dunlop designs an impressive range of passenger, sports, trucks, SUVs, and winter tyres.

Dunlop is the standard OEM (Original Equipment Tire Manufacturer for some of the renowned car brands like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Renault.

Why Should You Buy Dunlop?

Here are some of the excellent features and innovative technologies that make Dunlop rank among the top tire brands in the world.

SBSS – Specific Bead Seat System

Dunlop tyres feature a specific bead seat system which means that the rim and tyre are interconnected allowing the driver to have the car’s maximum control. This feature also enhances the tyre’s connection with the road.

Noise Shield

When the tyres come in contact with the road, they give a particular sound. Noisy or squeaky sounds from a tyre are a huge turnoff. All the leading tyre manufacturing brands of the world are striving to find ways, and successfully so, to come up with ways to reduce this noise. Dunlop’s Noise Shield technology successfully reduces tyre noise by 50% by incorporating an advanced polyurethane foam layer on the inner surface of the tyre.

MFS – Maximum Flange Shield

Tyres come expensive and when it comes to alloy wheels, they are not only costly but difficult to repair as well. Dunlop’s Maximum Flange Shield has efficiently handled the problem of protecting the tyre. There is a rubber profile that runs through the entire circumference of the tire, giving it an additional protective layer. This seemingly trivial thing helps in getting the job done, offering protection to the tire.

Multi Blade System

Driving in winter is a tricky business with damp and snowy roads. Your tyres should be capable of providing excellent traction for the best and safe driving experience. Dunlop’s Multi-Blade system prevents your car from skidding on wet roads. MFS features a technology where each of the blades is responsible for handling different road conditions during winter like ice, snow, or wetness. You can rest assured of enjoying the best traction with Dunlop tyres.

Silica-plus Compound

If you drive a high-end vehicle or a sports car, surely you need to invest in the right kind of high-performance tyres. Dunlop uses a silica-plus rubber compound that lets you have great traction, steering response, and stability on the road.

Looking for quality and lasting tyres? You cannot go wrong with  Dunlop Tyres.