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Ecological Confrontation: Why Electric Cars Can’t Defeat Hybrids

by Anamta bnn
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Some time ago, hybrid cars were considered a stepping stone to electric transport. But practice shows that today a hybrid power plant is not an intermediate option but the most rational solution, despite the existing shortcomings.

The first mass-produced hybrid cars appeared in 1997 when Toyota launched production of the Prius. It quickly became popular with Hollywood celebrities who advocate for the environment, and it would be hard to come up with a better advertisement for hybrids. Since then, this direction in the automotive industry has developed and strengthened. 

Key Facts About Hybrid Designs

First, let’s figure out what hybrids exist today in modern vehicles. Those who want to delve deeper into classification can read a comprehensive guide on indyautoman.com, and the bottom line is the following:

  • The simplest option is a hybrid power plant with a sequential circuit. In this case, the torque to the wheels comes from the electric motor, and the gasoline engine only works to recharge the battery. The advantage of the sequential circuit is that the internal combustion engine operates in the most economical and environmentally friendly mode.
  • The most common type of hybrids today is parallel series. This is when electric and gasoline motors can work as traction engines, both together and separately. And the gasoline one, in favorable conditions, can only work to recharge the battery. The advantage of this scheme is the ability to sum up the power of the motors for quick acceleration. And when this is not necessary, move only on electric power. Or, conversely, only on gasoline if the car is on a long journey.
  • In addition, hybrids, regardless of their design, can be rechargeable (Plug-in hybrid, PHEV). Such cars have a decent range – for example, 600 miles, and at the same time, they can move only on electric power, covering about 50 miles without turning on the gasoline engine.

Hybrids vs. Electric Cars

The Indy Auto Man used car dealer notes that the charging factor keeps many people in Indiana from buying electric vehicles. However, for hybrid models, this problem does not exist. At the same time, rechargeable hybrids, which more manufacturers adhere to, can also be used as electric vehicles in urban mode.

In winter, electric cars have a noticeably reduced range – by 10-20 percent. Partly because the battery’s ability to deliver current reduces at low temperatures, partly due to the energy consumption for heating the cabin.

Hybrid in Various Modes of Use

For everyday urban use – dropping the kids off at school, getting to work, popping into the store – the mileage is usually short and falls within 30 miles a day. This means that a rechargeable hybrid can be operated as an electric car, using either free city charging stations or paid stations in shopping centers.

For medium-range country trips, the rechargeable hybrid applies stored electricity and an economical mode of recharging the battery from a generator driven by the internal combustion engine.

When traveling, in the absence of charging stations, the hybrid can still significantly save fuel.

Advanced But Reliable

There is one more point, even if there are not many statistics yet. This is the resource of a hybrid car. Despite the complexity of the hybrid circuit, the electrical part is usually much more reliable than the power units of competitors engines. Surely, every driver has heard about problems with some supercharged engines, headaches related to certain models of robotic gearboxes, and batteries of electric vehicles that deteriorate too fast. And about hybrids – nothing like that.

As for the gasoline engines of hybrids, they also last longer than their conventional counterparts simply because part of the load is removed from it – in general and during sudden accelerations. 

Summing up, all other things being equal, a hybrid car should last longer and lose less value.