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Energy Intelligence, the New Key Concept Growing Among Executives

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There are few things more gratifying than doing what you love, getting paid well for it, and receiving great recognition. Or at least, that’s what most people tend to think. So, when Jürgen Klopp announced at the end of January that he was leaving his job as the manager of Liverpool Football Club at the end of the year because he was running out of energy, many didn’t understand. But it’s a reminder of two fundamental issues: firstly, that energy is a vital element in our lives and professional aspirations, and secondly, that it remains a largely unexplored topic in society, especially at the top levels of management.

Executive managers, those who lead organizations, often love to talk about the difficult journey they have taken to reach their position. Through conferences, books, or interviews, they never fail to portray themselves as a virtuous balance of skill and ambition, preparation and luck, making themselves the epitome of hard work. However, despite this excessive display of sincerity, they rarely pause to consider another key concept: energy.

“Energy is one of those factors that reliably differentiates bosses from subordinates,” recently declared one of the star columnists of the prestigious publication The Economist. They have to regularly show their face to employees, and it can’t be the face of someone who seems like they haven’t slept in two weeks. They have to please the board, meet investors, attend endless networking events, and find time for real work. “It’s exhausting to contemplate, let alone do,” they concluded.

Despite the vital importance of energy, it’s rarely discussed – how to acquire it, manage it, or transmit it. However, it is gradually becoming a more open topic, and some specialists have begun to emerge to discuss this fundamental issue. This is one of the main reasons that led Leandro Maifredini, a Bachelor and Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur, and multidimensional consultant, to the World Economic Forum in Davos, the epicenter of global economics and finance for a few days in January, to deliver his presentation entitled ‘The Leadership of the Future and the Energy Perspective.’

Leandro Maifredini developed the concept of “Energy Intelligence (EI)” applied to the management of organizations and companies, as a way of understanding companies “as an energy system, with successive exchanges of energy occurring among its stakeholders.” Furthermore, during the presentation, Leandro Maifredini was able to delve into detail and provide concrete examples of companies he currently advises (with examples from Finland, Norway, and Luxembourg). Large companies, startups, or family businesses of different sizes from various parts of the world, such as Norway, Panama, France, and South America, are already applying the innovative practices of Energy Intelligence, benefiting their shareholders, collaborators, and various external stakeholders.


Finally, it was emphasized that every step taken in the Energy Intelligence concept is backed by precise data, thanks to system measurements. In fact, the presentation included details about the tools used in EI Management: Multidimensional Consulting, Training and Coaching in EI, and Experiential EI Experiences. All of this forms the core of a new way not only to envision executive or business futures but also as a very important part of life. And just a few days after that conference, the announcement by a celebrity like Klopp that he had “run out of energy” only served to further put the concept of Energy Intelligence on the map.