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Everything You Need to Know about Loft Conversions in the UK

by Aasia khan
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Does My Loft Conversion Require Planning Permission?

Typically, as long as the loft conversion satisfies specific requirements, you can add a dormer without obtaining planning approval in Hammersmith. You should be good if the converted space is less than 50 m³ and the dormer is inside a defined space. A loft conversion can cost approximately £700, but Construct & Furnish London has a specialised team of builders in Hammersmith who can assist you with loft conversions with their expertise at pocket-friendly prices.


What is the Working Procedure of Builders for Loft Conversions?

Critical steps to obtaining a loft conversion are mentioned below:

  • Determine how much loft space you have available as a first step.
  • Construct a plan for utilising the attic area.
  • Get at least three quotations depending on your specs, and think about the person you want to design your loft and handle the construction.
  • Examine expenses and talk about them with the contractor of your choice to ensure you comprehend every detail.
  • Avoid the hazards by working with your selected contractor.
  • Take into account the conversion’s planning, party wall and building regulation needs.
  • To ensure that you know who is in charge of what, get a contract in place with your architect, builder, contractor, and loft conversion business for the work.
  • Make sure you notify your insurance as soon as you are prepared to start working.

How Many Types of Loft Conversions?

Examine your options in light of your Sutton home’s existing layout, the available space, your unique requirements, and your financial constraints. The following list includes the four primary types of Loft Conversions Sutton:

  1. Roof-light loft conversion
  2. Dormer Conversion
  3. Hip-to-gable conversion
  4. Mansard conversion

All of these loft conversions have expenses and benefits, but when you work with us, you can be confident that our prices are the lowest on the market.

What Benefits Do You Get with Loft Conversions?

There are several benefits we get from Loft Conversions, including:

  • In addition to adding additional living space, a loft conversion in Hammersmith can raise the value of your current home by up to 30%.
  • With so much natural light available, a loft conversion is the perfect option for a home office or a cosy reading nook.
  • An alternative to the numerous costs involved in moving, including the price of the new home, stamp duty, legal fees, relocation costs, and possible modifications, is a loft conversion.
  • Another alluring advantage of a loft home is its versatility.
  • The conversion procedure necessitates the addition of insulation, which keeps the house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer.

What is the cost of Builders for Loft Conversions?

A loft conversion typical cost in 2024 is around fifty thousand pounds in Hammersmith. But by taking into account every factor that could impact the price of a loft conversion project, such as the kind of loft, roof, its size and internal specifications with the cost of labour, the calibre of the materials, and the finishing options selected.

Construct & Furnish has expert builders who can assist you in determining the precise cost of your Loft Conversions in Sutton, Hammersmith, and throughout the UK.


Planning permission is typically unnecessary for a standard room-in-roof loft conversion in Sutton and Hammersmith, provided it aligns with specific criteria. This process can be quite costly, with expenses varying depending on various factors. However, when considering such conversions, individuals often seek the expertise of reliable professionals.

For instance, Construct & Furnish has specialist builders in Hammersmith who provide comprehensive services tailored to meet budgetary constraints. Their offerings encompass space assessment, meticulous planning, acquiring quotes, detailed discussions on expenditures, and guaranteeing adherence to regulations.