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Exploring the Versatility of Sarees for Girls

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Sarees are the cultural symbol of India across the world. With the wide variety of fabrics, designs, and styles available, everyone is bound to find their own unique favorites and styles. This variety speaks volumes about the great versatility of sarees. They can be worn on all types of occasions, whether fancy or casual, and they are worn in many different styles.

So, if you want your daughter to get started with girls ethnic wear, then a saree is a great place to start. It offers a great chance for your daughter to stay connected to her cultural roots and look beautiful at the same time.

Large Variety of Unique Fabrics

There is no end to the variety of fabrics available for sarees in India. From silk sarees to cotton sarees, from chiffon sarees to georgette sarees, from organza sarees to net sarees, you can find so much mind boggling variety in fabrics. Each state in India has come up with its own unique fabric and style of saree. So, this is a great opportunity for your kid to learn more about the cultural diversity of India.

For a beginner like your daughter, the best fabric is cotton. It is lightweight so it is an excellent beginner fabric. It will be easy for your kid to handle. The draping stays on easily. Also, cotton is very breathable and airy, which is great for the sultry weather of India. So, cotton is your best bet.

Or, if you would like something shiny, you can go for a mixture of cotton and silk to have the advantages of both fabrics. It will be the perfect combination of shine and comfort.

Different Types of Sarees

India’s great cultural diversity has led to so many designs and styles being available for girls. Here are some of the more popular designs that you can go for. At the same time, you can educate your daughter about the different cultures and states of India.

  • The Banarasi silk saree is one of the most popular saree in India, and the world. It is luxurious and elegant at the same time.
  • The Kanchipuram silk saree from Tamil Nadu is another sophisticated design of saree. ● The Pochampally saree from Andhra Pradesh is one of the most beautiful sarees that you will ever wear.
  • The white beauty of the Kerala Kasavu saree is another great option for elegance.
  • The Patola saree from Gujarat boasts of vibrant designs and double Ikat technique.
  • The Paithani saree from Maharashtra is known as the Queen of Silk Sarees because of its luxurious sophistication.
  • The Chikankari saree from Lucknow is covered with elaborate motifs and designs.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Saree for Girls for your Daughter

Buying clothes for your kids is different from buying clothes for yourself. You need to take care of whether your daughter is comfortable in the girls’ ethnic wear you buy for her. So, here are some tips you can keep in mind before you make your purchase:

  • Make sure the fabric is comfortable for your daughter. It need not necessarily be cotton. It can be chiffon, georgette, etc. Just make sure she can handle the fabric.
  • Choose a design that is age appropriate for your daughter and brings out the beauty in her.
  • Make sure the saree’s design is not too heavy for your daughter to handle.
  • Lastly, make sure that your daughter actually likes the saree you buy for her or she won’t enjoy wearing it.

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