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Factors to Evaluate When Selecting a Scissor Lift Battery

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Scissor lifts play a crucial role in industries that engage in aerial work. They help employees reach heights efficiently and safely. The key for their proper functioning is their power source. Here, it becomes crucial to select the right scissor lift battery. Her are some factors to consider in the process of finding the right battery for your scissor lift:

Key Factors to Consider When You Compare Scissor Lift Batteries

Capacity and Power Requirements

You might be thinking to buy lithium ion forklift battery or any other battery. Irrespective of the type of battery, the first consideration is your power requirement. Different scissor lifts require varying power requirements. Selecting the battery with a suitable capacity and voltage is important. You can assess the operational demands and specifications of the lift. Only then, you can spot the optimal power capacity. This capacity should support efficient and uninterrupted performance.

Know the Battery Chemistry

When you compare scissor lift batteries, you will find that they are available in different chemistries. The two primary options are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The former is traditional and cost-effective. The latter is beneficial in many ways. Examples include reduced maintenance, quicker charging times and longer lifespan. You will have to consider the specific requirement of your operations. Also, you will have to consider the desired features and budget constraints. Accordingly, choose a suitable battery chemistry. Indeed, the initial cost of lithium-ion battery will be more. But, the benefits outweigh and you can save in the long run.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance can play a crucial role in the lifespan and performance of scissor lift batteries. Lead-acid batteries typically need more regular maintenance. For instance, you will have to engage in equalization charges and water refilling. But, li-ion batteries are popular for low maintenance needs. So, when selecting a battery for your scissor lift, you will have to consider the maintenance and operational needs of your business. Spot whether the convenience of the least maintenance outweighs the potential advantages.

Charging Time and Efficiency

Downtime because of battery charging can considerably affect productivity in your industry. So, you should consider the charging times of scissor lift batteries. Make sure to choose the one that goes in line with your operational requirements. Li-on batteries, in particular, offer shorter charging times. Also, they carry the flexibility of opportunity charging. You can engage in quick top-ups during break times. Above all, you can do this without compromising the life of the battery.

Weight Considerations

You have been working with scissor lifts for long. So, you know that the weight of the battery straightly affects the entire weight of the scissor lift. It will have an effect on capacity and maneuverability, in turn. So, you should give importance to weight considerations. Li-ion batteries are lighter in weight as compared to lead-acid batteries. So, you can achieve more balanced and quicker scissor lift.

So, lithium-ion batteries are efficient in many ways for scissor lifts. Finding one of the best forklift battery suppliers will help you reap its benefits.