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Fibermint Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes – Connecting Networks Across Distances

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As a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, Fibermint understands the importance of making high-speed fiber optic networks accessible and manageable. Our fiber optic distribution boxes are vital components that organize and protect fiber cable connections over long distances. This article will provide an overview of our reliable fiber distribution boxes that keep modern communication networks running.

What is a Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

A fiber optic distribution box, also called fiber splice closure or optical splitter box, is an enclosure that neatly houses the interconnections and splices between multiple fiber optic cables. It protects the cable splices and organization hardware from weather, dirt, moisture and other hazards.

Fiber distribution boxes are commonly mounted on aerial phone poles, underground vaults and in other key access points along the fiber optic network. They enable cables from multiple directions to converge at a location for splicing between cables. The modular compartments and hardware inside allows maintenance, adding/removing connections, and splicing fibers without disrupting other cables.

Benefits of Fibermint Distribution Boxes

Engineered for Reliability and Long Service Life

Fibermint uses durable UL94 plastics designed to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and years of re-entry for maintenance. Stainless steel hardware and weather-tight gaskets provide additional protection and longevity for decades of reliable use.

Flexible and Modular for Evolving Networks

We offer fiber distribution boxes in multiple sizes and layouts to accommodate from 4 cables up to 288 fiber splices. The modular insert panels keep everything neatly organized while providing flexibility to add/remove connections as network requirements change.

Simplifies Cable Splicing and Troubleshooting

Our boxes allow easy access to the splice trays through removable lids/panels without needing to disrupt other fiber cables. This simplifies tasks like tracing connection issues or splicing new cables to extend connections to new locations.

Designed for All Environment Deployments

We utilize protective materials including acrylonitrile styrene alloy and all-dielectric construction that ensure durability in underground, aerial, and indoor applications. The extra protection gives added insurance when deploying boxes in harsh conditions.

What’s Inside a Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

While layouts vary by size and function, our fiber distribution boxes contain several main components to handle and protect the fiber cable splicing.

Cable Entry Ports

Special ports fitted with weather-tight gaskets allow fiber optic cables to enter the box through the sides/bottom. This enables converging multiple cables from various directions into one splicing point.

Mounting Brackets

Our boxes come equipped with external brackets for securely attaching the box when mounted on aerial poles, underground vault lids, walls, and other infrastructure.

Modular Splice Trays

These special trays neatly arrange the fiber cable splices while keeping each splice accessible. They protect the delicate glass fiber connections while accommodating maintenance, additions, removals.

Splitter Modules

For boxes that contain optical splitters, these modules mount the splitter hardware that divides fiber signals to multiple destinations. The modules hold splitters ranging from 1×4 to 1×128 ports.

Grounding Hardware

Grounding helps protect the electronics from electrical interference. Our grounding spikes, cables, and terminals ensure proper electrical bonding of metallic components.

Sealing Gaskets

Gaskets made of durable silicone rubber help seal cable entry ports and box panels/doors to prevent moisture, dirt, bugs from entering the box and interfering with connections.

Why Choose Fibermint for Your Fiber Distribution Needs?

When quality and reliability matter for building highly available fiber networks, Fibermint delivers the solutions service providers need. For over 20 years industry leaders that deploy and operate advanced telecom networks continue choosing Fibermint for our:

  • Strict quality control – 100% testing before shipment ● Complete technical support ● Custom design and branding ● Quick turnaround and lead times ● Competitive pricing with discounts for volume ● Responsive account management team

Fibermint aims to make deploying and maintaining fiber optic networks easier. Contact our sales department today to discuss the ideal distribution boxes for your project and network requirements.