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Florida Homeowners share details on Post-Fire Real Estate Struggles and how depressing it could get

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Some of us might think that purchasing a house previously marred by fire is something new! Understand that it is not an uncommon phenomenon at all. The prevalence of home fires is on another level in Florida and other areas.

Choosing the way to go

I would also wish to outline that the level of damage isn’t the same for every home. Greater fire damages in most cases translate to higher repair costs, and this is a truth we need to put up with at all times.

One wonders why some buyers would rather go for homes previously damaged by fire, but what we all need to understand is that it could be the best deal sometimes. Some good work might have been done in terms of restoration, and in some instances the fire damage could have been less significant.

Many of the buyers I have come across choose such deals because it is easier to get a low sale price. We all strive to get a good return on investment, but at times it matters that we work alongside the experts when Selling a house after a fire. In other words, working with real estate agents could at times be the way to get what you deserve.

Working towards resolving the matter

Florida homeowners in search of buyers worry about a lot before landing the real deal. They need to consider the cause of the fire outbreak. At times it could be electrical, and that could be disastrous. I need you to consider smoke-stained walls and charred floor joists that could mean a nightmare for any homeowner.

Understand that structural damage isn’t easy to handle, and at time it could affect the pricing significantly. Honesty is always the best policy, and it is thus good that you be truthful while dealing with the buyer. You must inform him or her whether or not the structural damage exists, something that us rather troubling to do for most homeowners because they need to sell those properties.

Some homeowners might wish to play smart, but at times it is short-lived. Most potential homebuyers work with agents and you most probably know what that would translate to at any given time.  I am talking about customers that take the time to look at the signs and problems you might be trying so hard to conceal.

It gets worse when the wooden structure of the home was touched by the fire outbreak. Warped door frames and window frames don’t look quite good, and you know that dictates much when it comes to pricing.

The struggle of finding a home inspector is at times a daunting task o most of us, and that is considering the many bad players out there who want to take advantage of unsuspecting sellers. By the end of it all, you need his or her opinion to determine the ideal pricing of the house. Most Florida homeowners admit that this is one of the most difficult points, and that is the reason they put their trust in real estate agents. Checking out the track record and the experience of these agents could be the leeway to enjoying an easy and smoother selling experience.


Bear in mind that I am not asking you to accept a low offer in selling your home. On the contrary, I am advising you to do everything possible to price your property accordingly. It is important that you offer a reasonable discount to the buyer if you want to sell it quick and move on to your next project. Most Florida home sellers are knowledgeable and that is the reason they appreciate the services of real estate agents in spearheading sales.