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Flowers Can Brighten Anyone’s Day – Find Out What Science Says!

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Flowers – even the word exudes positivity and liveliness. Flowers make for the universal gift because they seamlessly fit every occasion. Moreover, they have a remarkable ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days. But how do they do that? Let’s find out in this blog! Keep reading to explore how flowers make people feel special and bring smiles to their faces. Also, if you need swift flower delivery Qatar, feel free to contact Mayfair Qatar.

The Science Behind Flower Gifting

Are you wondering about how flowers cast a spell of joy on the recipient? Well, it’s no magic; it’s science! Yes, you read it right! Flowers making people happy is a scientific phenomenon.

“80% of Americans say receiving floral arrangements brings them joy.” – Society of American Florists.

The vibrant colors and fragrance of flowers impact the brain. That is why people feel so happy when they get flowers. There are so many types of flower species in the world. Each looks different and smells differently – pleasantly. No matter the type, science says that flowers influence the mood of people who receive them. Here are some ways in which they bring joy to people:

Flowers Elevate Mood!

Regardless of how low and sad you are feeling, flowers make you happy. Do you know why? Well, the lively colors of flowers stimulate the production of happy hormones. These include dopamine and serotonin. This natural response is the reason why floral arrangements are used as a gift. They also serve as a great source of comfort during challenging times (a good choice for condolences).

Do You Know? According to researchers at Columbia University, mood tone is directly correlated with primary and secondary colors.

Flowers Reduce Stress!

Studies show that being around flowers makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. It is because looking at and smelling lively floral arrangements reduces cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress levels. Being calm increases your productivity and helps you focus on important tasks. Want your loved one to get out of the stressful phase and feel better? Give them a bouquet of bright flowers – this hack works!

Flowers and Stress Reducing Fragrance

Lavender Its scent calms the nervous system
Jasmine Rich fragrance lowers anxiety levels and improves alertness
Chamomile Its scent tones down stress and improves sleep quality
Chrysanthemum Reduces nervousness and induces calmness

Make You Feel Special!

For centuries, getting flowers has been associated with joy, love, and care. After all, it makes the recipient feel like they matter to someone – they are special. We’ve already talked about flowers inducing the production of happy neurotransmitters. Apart from this, receiving flowers unexpectedly is associated with the release of oxytocin which is also related to happiness.

Tip of the Day! Consider the recipient’s preferences when gifting them floral arrangements. This will make them even happier.

Another thing observed in people receiving flowers as gifts is Duchenne’s smile which is considered a true expression of enjoyment by psychologists.

They Represent Love!

Flowers are used to expressing so many emotions and love is one of them – the main one! You love someone but think words would not do justice to your feelings? Just give them a nicely made bouquet of red roses and it will do the magic. This is the reason why these flowers have become a Valentine’s tradition (more of a cliché). You can also pick tulips, daisies, sunflowers, and then some to convey your love.

Flowers are the Perfect Gift

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a graduation party, or your wedding anniversary, flowers make for the perfect gift! You can even give them just because. And do you know that floral arrangements or bouquets are not just for joyful occasions? In fact, they are a perfect companion of your get-well-soon wish. Besides, you can also use them to condole others.

Ending Thoughts

Flowers do brighten people’s days! It is tried, tested, and proven by science and learn more about how to send flowers in Qatar. Gifting flowers and receiving them, both acts are cherishable. The sender when picking flowers feels a sense of thoughtfulness. On the other hand, the receiver feels uplifted when they get floral arrangements.

So, if you love someone and want to appreciate your bond, there is no better way than giving bouquets or arrangements. Moreover, the receiver can’t necessarily be a significant other. It can be anyone special to you; a friend, parents, siblings, coworkers, etc.