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Guide to Using the Fly Today Application

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In this article, “Fly Today” company has provided explanations on how to use the Fly Today application.

Internet and smart phone have brought great changes in human lifestyle. Including the fact that you can easily meet all your needs at home or anywhere else just by connecting to the Internet. 

Even if you want to leave home and travel to a far or near destination, you don’t need to visit a travel agency in person to buy tickets and book hotels and other travel arrangements. Rather, you can have your ticket and hotel voucher in your hand just by installing an application on your smartphone.

In order to facilitate travel for all Iranian tourists, Fly Today tourism company has launched the Fly Today application, which makes it easier than ever to buy plane tickets, book hotels, and provide travel services. In the following, we will introduce you to how to use this useful application.

Step 1: Install the application

Enter the Fly Today website and on the main page of the site, click on the direct link to download the Fly Today application and go through the application installation steps. You can also search Google for the term “install Fly Today application” and get the link to install the application through the search results.

You can also search and install the Fly Today application in the Bazaar and Myket programs.

Second step: Create a user account

After you install the application and enter the main page of the application, you can see the 5 main options of services that you can get in this application, at the top of the page, which are: flight, hotel, train, travel insurance and when and where.

But in the bottom bar of the screen, things like user account, services and trips can be seen. We suggest that you enter this page by clicking on the user account before taking any action, and if you have not created an account on the Fly Today website before, create an account for yourself. 

Of course, it is not necessary to do this in the first step, and you can create your account after choosing a ticket or hotel and at the time of payment, or log in to the account you previously created.

By clicking on “services” on the bottom bar of the page, flight services, hotels, etc. will be displayed, and by selecting each one, you will enter the purchase process.

If you are logged in to your account, by selecting the option “trips” the history of your previous trips will be displayed. This includes all previous purchases such as plane tickets and hotel reservations.

Also, items such as purchase tracking, travel guide and support request can also be seen on the main page. If you want to know the latest status of your reservation, click on purchase tracking. 

In the travel guide section, you can read from purchase and return guide to service guide. If you encounter any questions or problems, register your request in the support request section so that Fly Today experts can handle it as soon as possible.

Third step: purchase

Probably, your purpose of using the Fly Today application is one or a few of these things: buying plane tickets, booking hotels, buying train tickets (which has just been added), buying travel insurance and using the new product of Kai Kada, which will be discussed below. we will pay. Therefore, the third step will have several modes that we will describe one by one.

Buying plane tickets

Let’s imagine that you are going to buy a Dubai plane ticket for August 13th, of course, if you are going to buy a two-way ticket, you can access the list of two-way tickets by selecting the return option and specifying the return date.

After specifying the origin, destination, return date, number of passengers in the foreign flight section, the search for flights will begin, which will take only a few seconds.

The results of the tickets will be displayed in the order of the cheapest tickets. These tickets will be with different airlines, at different times and possibly at different airports, and include all types of tickets (system, charter and last minute). If you want to specify any of these items and search for your plane ticket by airline, type and time, etc., you can use the search filters at the top of the page.

By clicking on “Price Alert” a window will open in front of you, asking you to enter your email address to be notified of the latest changes in the price of the ticket you are looking for by email.

The price calendar tool also displays the price of the Tehran-Dubai ticket for the date you specified, so that if the Dubai ticket is cheaper in the coming days, if you are not in a hurry to travel, you can buy the cheaper ticket.

The price trend tool also shows the rise and fall of Dubai ticket prices in the past and future days.

Buy train tickets

As mentioned, Fly Today has recently added the possibility of buying train tickets to its services. In the Fly Today application, you can buy a train ticket easily and similar to the process of buying a plane ticket.

For example, if you intend to buy a Tehran-Qom train ticket for August 13, after specifying the origin, destination, number of passengers (if you want a two-way ticket, click on return and specify the return date) , you can select the options “I want a closed coupe” and “I want a car transport” if you need and press the search button.

Finally, the results will be displayed based on the train ticket for your desired date. You can use search filters and find your ticket faster.

After selecting the ticket, complete ticket information and rules will be displayed and then you will enter the online purchase stage.

Hotel reservation

Similar to all these steps, you can go through domestic or foreign hotel reservations. After specifying the destination and date of arrival and departure of the hotel, the number of people and the number of rooms, the list of hotels will be displayed along with the available rooms suitable for your needs.

To book your ideal hotel, you can use search filters that include price, hotel name, stars, facilities, etc. Finally, after you have found the hotel you want, by clicking on it, you can read all the information including its geographical location on the map, its distance to the city’s sightseeing centers, facilities, rules and opinions of travelers and see the pictures of the hotel and rooms.

In the end, whether you are buying a ticket or booking a hotel, you will make the payment with Shatab members’ cards, and after completing the steps, the ticket or hotel voucher will be sent to you immediately by SMS and email.

Other Fly Today application services
The possibility of buying travel insurance for foreign trips for any period of time you plan to travel is also provided in this application. Get your insurance in the same way and with a few clicks.

But one of the most exciting parts of this application is “Kai Kaja”. A new product that is suitable for those who are traveling and want to travel cheaply. In this section, you can view and buy the cheapest plane tickets for domestic and foreign destinations from your city of origin.

For more information about this attractive product, we suggest you install the Fly Today application right now and familiarize yourself with this product.

Fly Today offers you the best and cheapest travel with 24-hour support.

Download link from Play Store: Fly Today application.