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Hidden secrets of America’s beloved auto giants

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Regarding popular brands among American drivers, brands like Ford, Crysler, GMC often steal the spotlight. Behind the iconic logos and legendary models are little-known facts that make the history of these automakers even more intriguing.    These auto-juggernauts have enjoyed a steady appreciation and respect over the decades. If you are considering buying a model from one of these brands, this comparative review may help you decide. Next, I’ll share some unexpected facts about the most popular car brands.

Toyota and baseball

Toyota was the first Japanese company to sponsor a Major League Baseball team. In 1979, it proudly supported the San Francisco Giants team. Toyota’s presence at Giants Stadium, with their fan deck, showcased their dedication to American culture and how it harmoniously merged with their automotive pursuits.

Hyundai and the shipbuilding

Before Hyundai became a household name in the automotive world, the company was involved in a different industry. Hyundai founder Chang Ju-young was initially involved in construction and shipbuilding. The company was instrumental in South Korea’s shipbuilding industry before transitioning to making cars. Such background might be why they are dedicated to creating rugged, dependable vehicles.

Ford and the “Soybean car”

In the early 1940s, Ford pioneered sustainable practices before the brand became widely recognized. When World War II created a steel shortage, Ford tackled the issue by crafting a prototype car primarily from soy-based plastic. This unique “soy car” featured soy-based materials in its construction, including body panels. Despite never entering mass production, this model exemplified Ford’s inventive approach.

Chrysler and tanks

During World War II, Chrysler, well-known for its automobile manufacturing, shifted its focus to supporting the war effort. One of the company’s significant contributions was tank production. Chrysler created the M4 Sherman tank, one of its most iconic.

GMC’s connection to Denali

GMC, a division of General Motors, is known for its reliable and robust trucks and SUVs. But, do you know the origin of the “Denali” emblem found on some models? Denali is the moniker of Alaska’s highest peak, the pinnacle of North America. GMC adopted this name to represent the zenith of its vehicle range, underscoring qualities like strength, resilience, and adventurous spirit.

Tesla’s patents for all

One of the most intriguing aspects of Tesla’s journey is its commitment to open-sourcing electric vehicle patents. In 2014, Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, announced that Tesla’s electric vehicle patents would be available to the public for free! This move was intended to encourage and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the industry. It’s a remarkable example of corporate social responsibility in the competitive world of car manufacturing.