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How Do You Incorporate Greenery And Plants Into Your Deck Design?

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Deck builders Calgary loves (and worldwide) define decks that include natural elements as more attractive to the eye and more comfortable to spend time on because of their tranquillity and comfort. Plants and foliage on decks and custom railings can breathe new life into any outdoor area, whether a cramped balcony or a large deck in the rear.

Bringing Nature Indoors: The Secrets to Creating a Beautiful Deck Using Natural Elements

If you want your deck or deck railing Calgary loves (or elsewhere) to look great while still being functional, here in this article, you can get detailed instructions on how to do it:

1.   Take Stock of Your Area:

Before considering where to put plants, you should measure the deck’s dimensions and inclination. The quantity of daylight that reaches a plant, the weather, and the space available in planters and pots are all factors to consider. Picking out plants and other design components that will work well with your deck requires understanding its specific features.

2.   Picking Out the Perfect Plants:

If you want your plants to thrive and last on your deck, you must choose the appropriate ones. Selecting plants for your deck requires careful consideration of aspects, including sunshine requirements, water demands, and mature size. Select a combination of foliage, trailing plants, and blossoming to enhance visual appeal and diversity. Because of their low care needs and ability to flourish in pots, hardy perennials like lavender, sedum, and sage make great deck plants.

3.   Construct Vertical Garden Spaces:

Living walls and vertical gardens are great ways to make the most of limited space on decks while also adding visual interest. Wall-mounted planting containers, Hang baskets, or trellises may display trailing plants, climbing vines, and cascading greenery. Incorporating vertical plants into your deck design has several benefits, including creating a visually arresting focal point, screening unwanted views, and increasing seclusion.

4.   Make Use of Planters and Containers

You may add plants to your deck design without tearing it down or painting it since containers and planters are multipurpose design components. Decks may be visually exciting and well-balanced when filled with various containers of varying materials and shapes. You may offer visual interest and soften harsh corners by intelligently positioning containers around the deck, along the rails, or anywhere else you want from the available options.

5.   Thoughts on Edible Plants:

Enhance your deck’s aesthetic value and practicality by growing food plants like herbs, veggies, and fruits there. Use ornamental pots or elevated planters to cultivate mint, rosemary, basil, and other culinary herbs. Produce a plentiful harvest from the comfort of your home by growing small veggies in pots or hanging baskets, such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce.

6.   To Give Sufficient Care:

Your deck plants’ health and lifespan depend on your diligent attention to their care and maintenance needs. Ensure to water plants often, particularly during hot and dry spells, and keep an eye on the soil moisture level to avoid drowning or excessive watering. Fertilize plants regularly to encourage healthy development and nutrition replenishment. To keep plants in form and promote flowering, prune and remove spent flower heads as required.

7.   Using Lighting to Set the Scene:

You should get help from deck builders in Calgary and your area to incorporate lighting components that showcase your deck’s vegetation to prolong your deck’s pleasure into the evening. To generate a cozy mood, hang outside string lights, use LED spotlights, or set up solar-powered lanterns. Deck gardens are even more stunning when lighted up, so shine a light on paths, planters, and focal areas.


Deck builders in Calgary (and elsewhere) demonstrate that you can enhance outdoor life and transform your backyard into a serene escape by including vegetation in your deck design. Your deck may become a verdant haven that mimics Nature’s splendour with some cautious plant selection, pots and planters, vertical gardens, and enough maintenance. No matter the size of your outdoor space—a cramped city balcony, custom railings, or a vast deck with 360-degree views—incorporating vegetation into your design will elevate its visual appeal and practicality for many years.