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How Hyper Casual Games Have Evolved Into Hybrid Casual Games

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The world of mobile games is always changing, with new trends appearing all the time. The shift from hyper-casual to hybrid casual games is one that has caught the attention of both creators and players in recent times.

This change not only shows that the game industry can adapt, but it also shows how hard people work to develop new exciting gaming experiences that will keep players coming back.

Hyper Casual Games Rise

The explosion of hyper-casual games, which have simple rules and are easy to understand, is due in part to how popular they became on mobile devices. Many people, even those who didn’t necessarily consider themselves gamers, liked how easy they were to use and how simple the design was, so they were quickly adopted.

Hyper-casual games are also quickly made, which makes it easy for small companies and independent developers to get into the market. The issue arose when the market became oversaturated, as many companies were keen on making a profit from how well people responded to such games. As of  March 2024, games like MONOPOLY GO!, Royal Match, and Candy Crush Saga have raked in over 5 million dollars collectively, which is no chump change.

The Tipping Point and How the Games Evolved

As hyper-casual games became more popular, new problems popped up. Because they focused on one main feature and played the same way over and over, they lost players over time. As the market got more competitive, relying on revenue models based mostly on interstitial ads (full-screen ads shown during naturally occurring pauses or changes in the games) stopped working as well.

Because the hyper casual market was already overcrowded, developers looked for new features and gameplay mechanics to keep players interested and keep them coming back.

Introducing Hybrid Casual Games

These games came about because developers could see that people were getting bored and looking for more entertaining and thrilling experiences while still being able to play on their phones.

Hybrid casual games take the easy-to-learn features of hyper-casual games and combine them with mid-core games’ features and models of monetization. As a result, the genre stays easy to get into while adding meaning through leaderboards, collectibles, progression events, and other elements.

Hybrid casual games are unique because they can mix being easy to play with being a little more complex for those who enjoy that in their gameplay. This gives players a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to keep playing, which in turn means they are accessed and returned to more than hyper-casual games.

Mobile Gaming 2.0

While mobile gaming covers many different types of genres, there is one area that has seen significant growth, and that is mobile casinos. With the increasing popularity of online gambling, especially in countries like the UK, mobile casinos offer players the convenience of accessing their favorite casino games anytime, anywhere.

The convenience of mobile casinos makes them particularly appealing to UK players who enjoy casino games. Slots in particular have similar audio and visual effects to those of hyper-casual games, as well as easy-to-follow instructions. With a few taps on their smartphones or tablets, players can entertain themselves without being tied to a desktop or visiting a physical casino.

Moreover, mobile casinos UK often offer enticing bonuses and promotions to attract players. This is similar to hybrid casual games, where players may also be provided with an opportunity to participate in tournaments and special events with exclusive prizes.However, keep in mind that you should always choose the best casinos, as this ensures they are trustworthy and regulated.

Hybrid Casual Games Advantages

  • Greater Retention: Hybrid casual games have systems for progressing through levels and season passes, which keep players coming back.
  • More Interactive Features: Unlike hyper-casual games, hybrid casual games have features that make the experience more engaging, which helps with player retention.
  • Equal Monetization: Hybrid casual games use both ads and in-app sales to make money, giving developers more ways to make money. This balance lets the cost per installation (CPI) go up a bit while still keeping the income stream healthy.
  • Appealing to a Wider Audience: Hybrid casual games are popular with a wide range of people because they combine simple core gameplay with mid-core features.