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How much do smile in a day dental implants cost?

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Same-day smiles, one-day smiles – no matter the name, they’re all a version of smile in a day dental implants designed to restore the bite and rehabilitate the smile in a single day.

But what could you expect to pay if considering a smile in a day price?

Smile in a day costs and treatments differ depending on the provider

It is a notable fact that most same day smiles costs differ depending on the provider that you choose.

However, as well as paying a different price for treatment, you may also find that different treatment options are available under the same or a very similar name – which can create some confusion.

To help you understand your chosen treatment and get the right smile in a day cost for you, what exactly should you look for when comparing providers?

Ensure you are comparing smile in a day dental implants

Most smile in a day or same-day smile treatments will follow a similar set of steps, which includes having:

  1. Any remaining teeth are removed
  2. Your dental implants are implanted
  3. A prosthesis is fitted

As such, when you compare treatments, you should ensure that they follow all of these steps on surgery day, to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

This is especially important because some all on four dental implant treatments mean that patients are sent home with a temporary denture for up to 3 months while the dental implants heal and fuse with the jaw – rather than fitting a prosthesis on surgery day. This is usually for providers who do not have the on-site facilities needed to manufacture a dental prosthesis.

Similarly, some providers offer clinic-specific solutions, like the EvoSolution™, that can offer same day smiles with a more secure fit and increased benefits – even if you have been told you are not eligible for dental implants previously.

Compare the cost of one day full mouth implants before booking

While checking that your smile in a day implant treatment will be completed in a single day, it is also imperative that you check what is included in the price you will be paying.

While it can seem unlikely, some providers will offer a lower introductory price to make it more appealing and can be missing some very necessary additional necessities, including:

  • Any consultations
  • Additional necessary procedures, including bone grafts and sinus lifts
  • Some forms of scans and imagery, including CT scans

A trusted provider should be transparent and upfront about what is and is not included in any advertised price, but always double-check and make sure to ask to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Find a same day smiles cost that works for you

Smile in a day dental implants can offer patients an ideal solution for replacing missing, broken, or failing teeth and restoring the bite – helping patients to live comfortably and with confidence once again.

But this is only possible if treatment is carried out with skill and expertise for a fair price – so make sure you thoroughly research any treatment options and ask plenty of questions if you are unsure.