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How Summer Heat Can Harm Your Roof: Understanding the Risks and Prevention

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While most would picture roofing as being most vulnerable to damages during the winter season, one must look at the summer months to be dangerous for roofs as well. Over some time, heat has a way of leading to expansion, which often results to cracking; and as a result, there is UV damage of the structure, as well as, the roofing system, among other strains that may not be so welcome. Casually formulated the following principles- They may useful as specific advice in preventing the heat damages to roofs during summer or any way toward such a prevention. If you require new construction, repairs or maintenance during the summer period it will be advisable to consult a reliable roofing company in Tacoma.

UV Damage:

First, summertime heat impacts the roof vertically through the utilization of sunlight which has adverse results on rooftops because of destructive traits known as ultraviolet light. Summer is defined by sun and if it is intense, then the roofing material might degrade and there be symptoms such as cracking, fading and further destruction. It would not be far from the truth to say that one of the greatest dangers to, for example, asphalt shingles is UV radiation: this will decrease their capacity and life span and negatively impact the ability of the shingles to offer your home protection. To deal with all of this and to guarantee that your roof will last for some time, it is very important to repair your roof from time to time and consult a reputable roofing company that provides roof repair Tacoma WA.

Prevention Tip: You should protect it from UV light by using UV-resistant roofing material or paint the roof to reflect UV radiation as much as possible to make its lifespan longer. This would also enable persons to do routine checks on their roofs to be in a position to determine the initial signs of UV damage and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

Thermal Expansion and Contraction:

Roofing materials also come in some dimensions that are alterable by weather through what is referred to as thermal expansion and contraction; for instance, roofing material in the summer may expand due to heat maker and shrink in the evening. In cyclical manner, it uses force of thermal expansion to stress the roofing material usually to a point that they twist, develop cracks or become detached at some point. In some cases, this might lead to dire consequences with thermal expansion having devastating effects and contributing to some forms of structural failures and leakage. If you need repairs done on your house, to strengthen the siding then getting the services of professional siding contractors in Tacoma WA will help you.

Prevention Tip: Another critical attribute is the ventilation of the attic to control temperature changes or heat innocuously built upon the roof. Moreover, the roofing material choices must entail products that are not affected by thermal cycling effects, including metal and clay tiles and having a proper roofing Check Up to have any signs of roofing damage fixed as early as possible.

Moisture and Mold Growth:

It is important to note that while summer weather may appear dry, high humidity can contribute to the overall creation of ideal conditions for moisture buildup on a roof. Water accumulation further facilitates the formation of mold, algae, and moss, which, in turn, have negative consequences not only for the roofing materials’ performance, but also for the aesthetic value of a structure.

Prevention Tip: It may also be wise to clear your gutters and downspouts so that you do not have any water which pools up on your roof. Cut off all those parts which are overgrown and long respectively with a view of enhancing proper air circulation last but not least trapping of sunlight thereby minimizing cases of mold and algae formation. It might be beneficial to use a mold-resistant coat in the roof to enhance moisture protection from damage.


Commonly, summer is the season when the intensity of the Sun’s rays is the highest, and this is why, during the warm months of the year, it is better to pay special attention to the danger that the temperature can bring to the roof of your house. In conclusion, it is crucial for every homeowner to consider the effects of summer heat on the roofs and find ways of avoiding losses amidst this weather condition. If you require professional roof care, repair or replacement services Roofing Company Tacoma can offer you the best solution. Call us today to book our Roofing services and let us conduct a thorough check of your roof in preparation for the hot season.