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How to Beat the Expensive and Skillful Legal Team of a Trucking Company

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Have you ever imagined a world without trucks? I bet not. Trucks play some of the most important roles in society, including the delivery of personal and commercial items. Despite their benefits, they also significantly contribute to the number of accidents recorded on most roads. Unlike personal cars, getting compensated in the aftermath of a truck accident is not a walk in the park. You’ll need to beat some of the expensive and skillful legal teams representing these trucking companies. To outsmart these formidable legal teams, you will need strategy and foresight.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents

Besides adverse weather conditions, congestion on some of the major roads, or the general poor state of the roads, most truck accidents are caused by the following factors:

1. Fatigue: Most truck drivers are forced to drive long hours and distances. This exposes them to both mental and physical exhaustion, leading to accidents.

2. Poor or lack of maintenance: Normally, a truck needs to be inspected and properly maintained before each trip. Unfortunately, this is normally not the case with some of the trucking companies.

3. Inadequate training and experience: Most drivers either lack the training or experience needed to properly load cargo and safely drive on congested roads.

4. Defective parts: A good number of truck accidents are caused either due to a defective braking system or tire blowouts.

Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

You must hire a truck accident lawyer if you plan to recover all the losses and damages you have experienced. The lawyer will understand the multifaceted nature of truck accident cases. They are therefore able to effectively navigate the complex legal terrain, assess compensation outlets available, and come up with a strategy on how to outsmart the formidable, expensive, and skillful legal team of the trucking company.

Since 2016, most trucking companies have been outsourcing their duties to other driving companies in the US. This trend makes it even more difficult for the victims to know who exactly is financially liable for the truck accident.

A good legal team will look into each detail of your case and come up with a clear plan on how to proceed with it. They may target the manufacturer of the defective part that could have caused the accident or the company that recruited less experienced and trained staff. With a skilled truck accident lawyer, you’re able to concentrate on your emotional and physical healing as they work on your compensation plan.

Compensation Avenues for Truck Accident Victims

Through the help of your truck accident lawyer, you may be eligible for the following compensation avenues:

  • Insurance benefits: This typically covers medical expenses, wage loss, and attendant care. Under the modified comparative fault system, you’ll qualify for a no-fault insurance benefit if your fault doesn’t exceed 50%.
  • Third-party liability claims against the at-fault party: This covers pain and suffering, excess medical costs, and economic losses that may not be covered by the no-fault benefits.

To qualify for any of these compensation plans, you’re often advised to seek legal justice as early as you can. This can help you comply with the statute of limitations that assigns deadlines for filing truck accident lawsuits. In most states, the statute of limitation will be anything between 2 and 3 years.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the complexities of challenging the trucking company’s legal prowess involves leveraging key insights, understanding their tactics, and employing resourceful approaches. This can only be possible if you hire a competent truck accident lawyer.

With a skilled truck accident lawyer, you stand a higher chance of beating the formidable legal team of the trucking company.