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How to Book Train Tickets with Food on Train?

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Riding through the most magnificent scenes the planet has in store is a truly luxurious experience and viewing it from the inside of a train is one of the finest ways to see the world. On the other hand, many people panic when they are away from home, and they find it difficult to access the high-quality food they have at home. With progress in technology and the range of services, tickets, including onboard food options, are very affordable compared to just a few years ago and positively impact travelers’ experience. 

When one thinks about the experience of taking a train trip, the sequence of emotions is normally excitement and nostalgia. You can have both serenity of mind and the atmosphere of tranquil countryside or the spirit of the hustle and bustle of the city rushing at high speed – trains offer you a perfect blend of comfort, class, and relaxation. 

Instead, amenities that can really improve a trip is the food availability, which not only is a great tasting but also is very substantial. This has led railway authorities and service providers to embrace electronic ticket booking systems, which now include food on train. This way, travelers can enjoy their food as they travel.

With this comprehensive guide, you will manage to book train tickets with food, thus embarking on a gastronomic journey you will never forget.

1. Book your Ticket and Choose Your Route

The first thing when getting the meal-inclusive rail tickets is to make up your mind of which train and route you would like to choose to travel. Change the time of day, the distance of the trip you are going to take, the locations of your trains from and to, and the current time before selecting the train. Visit the website of the railway authority or employ the third-party channel for the viewing of applicable trains and routes. So remember that along with the train number, departure time, and class ticket, you’ll also need to book train tickets.

2. Head Over to the Booking Site

After you have decided on your train journey and route, proceed to the booking websites/platforms of your choosing to confirm a reservation. You can buy train tickets at the official website of the authority of railway, and also, at the third-party booking websites and mobile applications. The networked platform can be used with only the devices that can connect to the internet, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and has a reliable connection.

3. Enter Your Data And a Meal of Your Choice

The next step will be to enter your travel details, say, the stations you will use to both begin and complete your journey and the dates for your travel. The following screen will appear after you enter the required information: an option for trains and tickets. To customise your food/meals, go to the “Add Food or Meals” area and choose your food items. Multiple booking platforms offer a mixed offering, which ranges from snacks and drinks to full meals to meet the varying tastes of different guests.

4. Customizing Your Dish

After having secured the menu items that you need for your reservation, make sure that your order is changed to the tastes you want. For instance, you can choose to write down that you are not eating meat, have gluten intolerance, prefer mild spices, or you are a vegetarian or a vegan. Some of the book train tickets online platforms allow you to put such extra information like special instructions or requests. Therefore, you can ensure that your meal will be duly prepared for you in precisely the way you want.

5. Checking Your Reservation Status

Just in case the train time, date, session, and meal order details are all correct before you finalize your reservation. See that there were no mistakes by comparing the data 2 times. Finally, just after you are done making reservations, you can proceed to make payment. The booking platform may ask for various forms of payment information, such as credit card details or details for online payment methods like digital wallets or net banking.

6. Receive your Ticket Confirmation and Information

Upon completion of your booking, you will receive a confirmation code and an email or text message containing all of your ticket details. Gather all of this information before you board the train so that they can access your food on train. Beyond that, some booking platforms offer electronic tickets that you can download to your phone for convenience whenever you’re on the move. Take careful note of the coach and seat number on your ticket to guarantee a seat on the train.

7. Enjoy the Food 

To avoid the last-minute crowds, arrive at the departure station early on the day of your journey. Locate your train by consulting your ticket, and then make your way to the platform. Get comfortable in your assigned seat or berth once you’ve boarded the train. A short time after, the onboard catering crew or designated food delivery personnel will bring food on train to those passengers who have pre-ordered them. Just bring your ticket or booking reference number to collect your food order and enjoy a delicious meal onboard.


To provide you convenience as well as slash the stress that comes with train journeys, you are advised to book tickets with onboard food. By diligently adhering to the components mentioned in this guide, you will venture into a palatable and satisfying eating adventure from the initial steps to the end. If hot food, a snack, or a drink is what you are drawn to, then there are a lot of tasty things to choose from at the food courts. If you like to have a good food on train while moving, take the train and try the different back-onboard dining that they offer the next time you are planning a trip.