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How To Fix an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop? [2023]

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The iPhone series is a prime example of advanced technology with cutting-edge features. However, even the most advanced devices are prone to issues at times. One such issue faced by iPhone users is the dreaded iPhone boot loop ( do-follow link ) problem. In this article, we will discuss the causes behind this issue. Moreover, it will also discuss 6 easy and quick fixes to resolve this issue before it becomes a headache.

Part 1: Why Is My iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop?

Part 2: How Do I Get My iPhone out of a Boot Loop?

Part 1: Why Is My iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop?

An iPhone keeps restarting the loop, which can be a perplexing and frustrating situation. Understanding the primary causes of this error can help you take appropriate steps. Here are some common reasons why your iPhone might be stuck in a boot loop:

  1. Software Glitches or Bugs: Sometimes, software updates or installations can go awry. It causes conflicts or errors in the operating system. These glitches can disrupt the normal startup process and lead to a boot loop.
  2. Incomplete Updates: Interrupted or incomplete software updates can leave the system in an unstable state, leading to boot loops. It can happen due to a weak internet connection or sudden device shutdown.
  3. Corrupted Data: Corruption of essential system files or data can prevent the iPhone from starting up properly. This causes the iPhone to get stuck in a boot loop continuously.
  4. Incompatible Apps: Certain apps might not be optimized for the latest iOS version. These cause conflicts that result in boot loops.

Part 2: How Do I Get My iPhone out of a Boot Loop?

If your iPhone is stuck in a boot loop, don’t panic because there are multiple approaches you can experiment with to restore its functionality. Here are the top 6 fixes to resolve the iPhone stuck in boot loop issue:

Fix 1: Fix iPhone Boot Loop via iOS System Repair Tool (Without Data Loss)

Want to avoid the hassle of going through multiple fixes to resolve the iPhone boot loop? If that is the case, you should go for a specialized iOS system repair tool such as Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS). It works where standard troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the boot loop issue. This tool is designed to fix various iOS system issues, including boot loops, without causing data loss.

Not only does it resolve the boot loop iPhone issue, but it can fix over 150 iOS system issues. Moreover, during the process, you do not lose your phone data either. It also works as a way to downgrade or upgrade your device. Here are the detailed steps to fix the iPhone boot loop issue with Dr.Fone:

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Download link for Win: https://download.wondershare.com/drfone_repair_full3371.exe

Download link for Mac: https://download.wondershare.com/drfone_repair_full3358.dmg

Step 1: Access iOS Repair and Enable Recovery Mode

Navigate to “Toolbox” in Wondershare Dr.Fone and access “iOS Repair” through “System Repair.” When it comes to choosing a repair mode, choose “Standard Repair” and put your device into Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Fix the iPhone Boot Loop Issue

Once the device is in Recovery Mode, download a suitable iOS firmware. When it is downloaded, click “Repair Now” to start the boot loop fixing process. Wait for the process to get completed and tap “Done.”

Fix 2: Force Restart iPhone

A force restart is a simple and often effective method to break the boot loop cycle. Follow these steps to get your iPhone back to normal using force restart.

Step: Press and then let go of the “Volume Up” button, and quickly press and let go of the “Volume Down” button. Hold down the “Side” button until the Apple logo becomes visible. Maintain your grip on the Side button until the logo materializes. This works for iPhone 8 models and above models. To force restart old models, check the image below and follow it to complete the process.

Fix 3: Restore iPhone Backup To Fix Reboot Loop

Restoring your iPhone from a backup can sometimes help resolve boot loop issues. This method restores your device to its previous working state. Use the following steps to restore your iPhone backup and fix the iPhone reboot loop issue:

Step 1: Plug in your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes/Finder. In iTunes or Finder, locate and select your iPhone when it appears.

Step 2: In the Summary or General tab, you’ll see the “Restore Backup” option. Click on it, and a list of available backups will appear from which you can choose the most relevant backup.

Fix 4: Use iTunes/Finder To Fix the iPhone Boot Loop (Data Loss)

If you’re still stuck and nothing else has worked, you may need to use iTunes/Finder to restore your device completely. This approach requires the removal of all data from your iPhone. Here’s how to use iTunes or Finder to fix the boot loop issue:

Step 1: After launching iTunes/Finder, connect your iPhone and put it into Recovery Mode. To do that, perform the same steps as force restart and wait until the screen displaying Recovery Mode becomes visible.

Step 2: A prompt will appear indicating that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode. Click on the “Restore” button to erase all data on your iPhone and install a fresh copy of iOS.

Fix 5: Clean App Data To Fix iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop

In some cases, a specific app or its data might be causing the boot loop issue. Cleaning up app data or uninstalling problematic apps can resolve the problem. The following steps are required to uninstall the app on your iPhone:

Step: Navigate to the app icon and long-press it. Then, choose the “Remove App” option and hit the “Delete App” button. You then have to press the “Delete” button again to remove the application from the iPhone.

Fix 6: Contact Apple Support

Reaching out to Apple Support for professional help is the way to go if nothing else has worked so far. Apple’s support team is equipped to help diagnose and address both software and hardware issues. When contacting Apple Support, be prepared to provide all the information.


Encountering an iPhone stuck in boot loop can be frustrating. However, there are several effective methods to tackle this issue. Whatever the reason behind this issue, there’s a solution for almost every scenario. The best solution, without a doubt, is Wondershare Dr.Fone. It resolves this and similar issues with no effects on your device data.