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How To Make A Pure Specter Build In Path Of Exile 3.23?

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If you were growing weary of the typical choices like Summon Raging Spirit, Animate Weapon, Blink Arrow, or Mirror Arrow, the Pure Specter build featuring Syndicate Operative is currently the standout option in POE 3.23.

This build allows you to summon high-end bosses, such as Al-Hezmin the Hunter, as your minions. While testing various specter corpses in the Wildwood, it became evident that Specters are now more viable than ever. Please buy POE Currency to make this build with us!

Top 3 Spectres

Before delving into our POE 3.23 Pure Specter build guide, let’s explore the top 3 specters in my opinion, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, the Perfect Hydra boasts high DPS, excellent clear speed, and Auto Cast Hatred. However, it has a very low life pool and is quite squishy. The recommended way to build around it is through full cold conversion, especially if you’re tackling high-end mapping or bossing.

Secondly, the Perfect Serpent Warrior, which is a consumable eldritch corpse POE Item, offers Mortal Projectiles with 100% poison duration, high DPS, good clear speed, projectile overlapped, a free 60% chance to poison, and free Wither on hit. It has a good life pool, and the optimal build involves full poison. The caveat is that you must use Meat Shield Support to enable Mortal Projectiles, as they will otherwise attack with swords.

Thirdly, the Perfect Druid Alchemist provides high DPS, average clear speed, projectile overlapped, and a 200% effectiveness of flasks. The best way to build around it is by using Umbilicus Immortalis, although this means sacrificing your Mageblood belt for endgame and losing significant defensive layers from flasks.

For those unfamiliar, the Perfect Serpent Warrior adopts the shape of the Conqueror of the Atlas of Worlds, Al-Hezmin the Hunter. Hence, I will refer to him as Hunter.


Pros of this POE 3.23 Pure Specter build include having a permanent minion with 100% poison duration, which is unique POE Currency in the game.

The Hunter provides free 60% chance to poison and Wither on hit, making gearing and gem choices easier.

Additionally, Hunter’s projectile overlapped is decent, providing extra projectiles without the need to swap gems during bossing.

Gearing is simplified as you don’t need to focus on chance to poison on Ghastly Jewels, allowing the use of Mageblood instead of Darkness Enthroned. Hunter can fire projectiles from a considerable distance, covering 2 screens.


However, there are some cons to this POE 3.23 Pure Specter build.

The use of Meat Shield Support is required to enable Hunter’s ranged attack, adding an interesting dynamic. This requires strategic use of Predator to force the minions to target tanky mobs, as Meat Shield makes them stay close to you.

What This Build Can Do?

Now, addressing what this build can achieve — it is highly viable for challenging content in the game, excelling in all Uber bosses & deathless, Blight Ravaged maps, and being suitable for various map mods.

It is a tanky build for farming 8-mod maps comfortably, making it an excellent choice for running Inscribed Ultimatum encounters.


Many might wonder how this offensive build outperforms other POE 3.23 minion builds.

Several factors contribute to its superiority, including the Hunter’s rapid attacks, easy access to 100% chance to poison, 15 wither stacks in 1 second, 9 projectile overlapped, Culling Strike, 2 curses (Despair and Temporal Chains), and multiple auras (Envy, Malevolence, Haste).

The build benefits from tons of flat chaos damage from Envy and The Covenant, as well as explosive damage from Profane Bloom and Asenath’s Gentle Touch.


We allocate resources to multiple layers of defense to minimize the risk of death.

Our goals include achieving 100% avoidance of ailments caused by Stormshroud attacks and implementing effective block spell without relying on Glancing Blows. Additionally, we maintain a minimum of 50k armour for added protection.

Ensuring a 100% reduction in the effectiveness of curses, we guarantee that action speed cannot be altered below its base value. Nearby enemies are rendered incapable of dealing critical strikes, enhancing our survivability.

The recovery of Energy Shield is facilitated by Aegis Aurora, and we have a 100% chance to suppress spell damage. We also benefit from a 10% reduction in damage taken from 10 stacks of Fortifications.

To further fortify our defenses, we maintain a 75% chaos resistance, particularly important to avoid succumbing to the challenges of Wildwood, where numerous monsters pose a threat with their chaos damage.


United in Dream is the one we care about to obtain the Envy Aura and some bonus chance to poison.


Aegis Aurora with Shield corrupted mods is essential, given its cost-effectiveness.

Alternatively, you can use some rare minion shields for optimal DPS, although a preference for defenses is suggested.


Regarding the amulet, consider Replica Dragonfang’s Flight for a leveled amulet of specters and reservation efficiency.


As for rings, acquire fractured bone rings and then apply the Bound Fossil.


For the helmet, aiming for +2 minions, mana reservation, and spell suppression if desired.


For gloves, basic gloves with a chance to suppress spell damage are recommended.


For boots, utilize the Deafening Essence of Torment combined with the Searing Exarch mod to achieve 100% chance to avoid shock and a chance to suppress spell damage.


For Elegant Hubris, combine with Impossible Escape to prioritize 80% minion damage, 80% armour, and an 8% chance to block spell or attack damage.

Combo 4 rare Ghastly Jewels. Plus, Amanamu’s Gaze is very decent for Uber bosses. Otherwise, when mapping, I swap it for Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh for explosions from Profane Bloom.

We also use Stormshroud to achieve 100% avoidance of ailments.


For charms, ensure 1 mod “While there are at least 5 nearby Allies, you and nearby Aliies have Onslaught”.

Additionally, buy enough mods that provide “% chance to suppress spell damage to get 100%”.


POE 3.23 Affliction League introduces the Mageblood at a significantly reduced price, making it a highly recommended choice. Mageblood is valued at approximately 200 Exalted Orbs.

Flasks like Amethyst Flask, Quartz Flask, Granite Flask, and Quicksilver Flask are also essential.


For the chest, The Covenant is considered best in slot, providing a seven-link Spectre.

The +2 minion gems are the optimal corruption mod.


The build works perfectly fine without Mageblood, allowing for the use of other belts to achieve similar DPS. However, there may be a loss in quality of life, such as phasing and movement speed.

Between the three Specters mentioned earlier, the Hunter is considered the best Spectre, surpassing even Raging Spirit. This is because Specters are essentially permanent, and the Hunter offers plenty of quality of life improvements, allowing for more room to invest in defense.