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How To Maximize Your Elliptical Bike Workout For Optimal Results

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Are you ready to get everything you can out of your cardio workout? Whether you are working out in your home or in a gym, you should look to one piece of equipment to deliver a challenging, full-body workout: the elliptical bike. Also called an elliptical machine or just an elliptical, this piece of equipment combines the movements of a bicycle, stair-stepper, and cross-country ski machine for a workout that hits every body part and delivers a healthy dose of cardio. 

Ready to incorporate an elliptical bike into your exercise routine? Here are some tips to help you maximize your workout. 

Incorporate a Warmup and a Cooldown 

You can get the most out of your workout and avoid injury with a proper warmup and cooldown. A warm-up allows you to ramp up your heart rate safely and gets your muscles moving while a cooldown allows you to slowly bring your heart rate down. At the end of your cooldown, make sure you stretch all your major muscle groups. 

Have a Goal 

You’ll push harder in each of your elliptical bike workouts if you have a set goal. This could be anything from a timed goal, such as working up to a 25-minute elliptical workout in three months, to an intensity goal to any combination of the two. You could also have a goal to use the elliptical to train for an event, such as a 5k. Make sure you keep track of your progress regularly to keep your motivation high.

Move Both Ways 

Many people only move forward on their elliptical machines, which is a great cardio workout and engages the glutes and hamstrings as well as the arms. However, you can also move backward on your machine, engaging the quads and calves. Consider switching from forward to backward halfway through your workout or moving forward one workout then backward the next.

Use a High-Quality Machine 

If you are going to a reputable gym, it’s likely they’ve invested in high-quality elliptical machines. If you are designing your own home gym, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you invest in a high-quality elliptical, you will get more settings and your machine will last longer than if you try to get a budget model. 

Mix it Up 

While an elliptical is a fantastic piece of equipment for a full-body workout, it’s still possible that your body will adapt and your workout will start becoming less effective. To avoid this, make sure you’re mixing up your workout with a variety of different cardio, strength training, and other activities. For example, you may want to do elliptical workouts on Monday and Thursday, run on Tuesday, and do weight training on Wednesday and Friday. 

Getting Great Results from Your Elliptical Bike 

Want to make sure you’re getting the best workout possible in your home gym elliptical? The best piece of advice is to work with a professional who can help you choose the right piece of equipment that will fit in your space, match your fitness level and goals, and be a valuable part of your workout routine for years to come.