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How to Promote Your Brand Through Product Packaging

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Promoting a brand or business through product packaging isn’t a new concept. In fact, this type of branding has been going on for ages.

However, we’ve long passed the stage of simply printing a company’s logo on its packaging and being done with it. Brand promotion these days is a lot more than just that. It’s about telling a story, being a bit unique, highlighting USPs, and so on.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can promote your brand effectively through product packaging.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Your product packaging is your first chance to engage your customers and tell them your brand’s story. People love stories, and they remember them. It’s not just about showcasing your product. It’s also about trying to establish an emotional connection with your customers.

When you design your packaging, think about the narrative you want to convey. What are your brand’s origins, values, and mission? Use your packaging as a medium to share your story and make your brand more relatable.

Use the Invoice Envelope for Branding

The product packaging is, of course, a great way to promote your brand. However, you can also use the invoice you send your customers with the product for promotional purposes. More specifically, you can use the envelope containing the invoice for promotional purposes.

Take the envelope and print your business logo on it. You can also use durable large stamps for office use to print your company name, motto, location, etc. Customize the rubber stamps as needed for this. Ideally, you should opt for pre-inked custom stamps so that it’s faster to stamp the envelope.

According to Rubber Stamp Champ, pre-inked stamps will cost you between $80 and $110. You can then use these stamps to make your invoice envelope also a branding tool. You can simply stamp your logo on the envelope with nothing else on it if you prefer a minimalistic look. For an added touch, you can stamp your company motto, office address, etc.

Using the invoice packaging for branding purposes isn’t going overboard or anything. If anything, it’s about showing your customers how much effort you’re willing to put into their overall shopping experience.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is a fundamental element of successful branding. Your product packaging should reflect and reinforce your brand’s identity consistently across all your products. When your customers see your packaging, they should instantly recognize it as your brand.

According to Design Week, Coca-Cola is a prime example of this principle. Whether you buy a can or bottle of soda, their packaging consistently features the iconic red and white color scheme and the Coca-Cola logo. This uniformity reinforces the brand’s image in the customer’s mind and ensures that they can easily identify Coca-Cola products.

To maintain consistency in your packaging, use the same color scheme, fonts, and logo across all your products. Coca-Cola does the exact same thing with its packaging if you notice. This not only helps customers recognize your brand but also builds trust and reliability.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Your product packaging is an opportunity to highlight your unique selling points (USPs). As reported by Squeeze Growth, Apple does this exceptionally well. Their packaging for the iPhone, for instance, highlights key features like the Retina display, the A-series chip, and the exceptional camera. By showcasing these USPs on the packaging, Apple informs potential buyers about their products. It also reinforces the premium quality and innovation associated with the brand.

When designing your packaging, consider what makes your product unique. Is it a special ingredient, cutting-edge technology, or outstanding service? Use your packaging to communicate these qualities and pique the interest of potential customers.

Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

In the age of e-commerce, the unboxing experience has become a crucial part of the customer journey. A well-thought-out unboxing experience can turn a simple delivery into a memorable event that customers are excited to share on social media.

These days, smartphone brands often release limited edition phones keeping this approach in mind. The usual smartphone unboxing experience may not be that great. This is mostly due to the brands’ commitment to sustainability. However, brands tend to go all out when it comes to these limited-edition phones. It’s their way of providing an unforgettable unboxing experience to their consumers.

Take the Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition smartphone as an example. The regular Realme GT phones don’t have a lot going with their packaging. However, the Naruto Edition packaging is themed after the very popular Naruto anime series.

According to XDA Developers, this limited edition phone comes in a scroll-like packaging which reminds one of the ninja scrolls seen in the anime. Inside the box, everything is themed, starting from the phone’s back casing to the SIM ejector tool. Doing such special edition packaging not only reinforces your brand but also boosts word-of-mouth marketing.

Make Your Packaging Interactive

Interactive packaging can be a powerful way to engage your customers and leave a lasting impression. It encourages customers to spend more time with your product and brand, enhancing their overall experience.

Consider how you can add an interactive element to your packaging. It could be a game, a hidden message, or a QR code that leads to exclusive content. The key is to make your packaging an experience rather than just a container.


Brand promotions through product packaging is a very effective marketing strategy, but only if you do it right. Therefore, if you’re looking to give this strategy a shot, keep the above-discussed tips in mind. They can help you promote your brand in the best way possible through your product packaging.


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