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How to Reduce the Cost to Remodel Living Room

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Many homeowners are opting to open up their living room, dining area and kitchen into one open floor plan for modernity and ease of living. Unfortunately, such projects can be quite costly due to having to remove walls, relocate plumbing/electrical and heating vents rerouted as part of this endeavor.

Living rooms featuring tray ceilings add depth to their space while making it seem taller. A multi-tier lighting system is also an important aspect.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is an economical and sustainable option that provides plenty of design choices. Its outer resin coating protects wood against moisture and stain damage, while the core layer features high density board to resist indentations and moisture absorption. Plus, soften each step further with foam or felt underlayment between laminate and subfloor for an enjoyable experience.

Removing walls can increase space and functionality while expanding living area, but may involve reconfiguring electrical and plumbing lines as well as additional expenses depending on the size of your room.

Tray ceilings

Tray ceilings are an elegant but straightforward take on classic bulkhead ceilings, featuring multiple recessed tiers for improved acoustics. Trays make rooms appear larger while providing improved sound absorption properties.

They can be painted any number of colors; lighter hues create the impression of space while darker ones add warmth and coziness – not to mention they look fantastic when illuminated by recessed lighting!

Your tray ceiling design options include choosing different materials. Shiplap is particularly beautiful on tray ceilings.

Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves are an easy and versatile way to add storage and display space to a living room. Their designs can be left natural or painted to complement furniture and decor elements in the space.

Style and size will affect the cost of shelving projects; more elaborate designs with intricate finishes may increase prices; however, by taking on this task yourself you could potentially save money.

Wall art

Wall art can make a dramatic statement about you and your home. Choose pieces that suit the style and colors of your sofa and rug while reflecting who you are as an individual.

Framed art adds structure and elegance to any space. Choose frames that enhance the style of your artwork – wooden or metallic may work best.

If you plan on remodeling your living room, it is wise to consult with an established contractor first. They can assist in determining your needs and budget for this endeavor.


Couches are one of the most frequently seen pieces in living rooms, offering comfort and style at once. Available in various shapes and sizes, couches can complement existing pieces to form an cohesive aesthetic while offering various finishes and prices to meet different budgets.

Forbes Vetted panelists took care to test couches through an objective approach that took note of factors like ordering process simplicity, customization options, customer photos and reviews availability and shipping time, as well as ease of moving and assembly.

Table lamps

Bring light into dark corners and revitalize alcoves with table lamps that combine function and style. West Elm has an extensive selection of finishes and materials available that makes finding one to match traditional as well as modern decor styles easy.

These table lamps boast sleek tripod designs made from natural wood with a light brown finish, as well as tan linen shades that provide warmth to ambient light from an LED bulb.

Floating shelves

No matter your style – from minimalist to maximalist – floating shelves add both storage and aesthetic appeal to any space. They can display decorative items, photos or frames in living rooms; store cookbooks in kitchens; even function as toiletry storage in bathrooms!

Shelves come in many different shapes and materials to ensure you find one to fit perfectly into your home. To install shelves correctly, you will require a level, pencil, drill with screws (depending on wall material) as well as a stud finder.

Hardwood floor

Hardwood floors add natural charm and value to any home, providing natural design elements while increasing value. Choose from solid or engineered hardwood flooring options or renewable wood sources such as cork or bamboo for an affordable solution.

Hardwoods vary in hardness, which determines their durability in everyday use. When selecting your hardwood, opt for one with a Janka rating of 1300 or higher to maximize resistance against wear and tear.


Chandeliers are stunning light fixtures that create a dramatic focal point in any room they illuminate. Available in various styles and materials, chandeliers add the perfect opulence for rooms with high ceilings to add drama.

Sunken living room remodel costs typically range from $5,000 to $25,000 when completely installed, including creating an opening in the wall and framing it.


An efficient storage solution is key to any living room, making your space seem larger and looking cleaner. A well-planned solution may include built-in cabinets or bold pieces of furniture; whatever it may be, storage solutions make a difference!

Add shelves for books and decorative pieces to help keep the surface of your coffee table from becoming disorganized. A blanket ladder could even come in handy to keep blankets off the floor and out from under the sofa!

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