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How to style Flawless Long Hair Wigs

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Long Hair Wigs for Women? They’re an absolute blast to style – seriously, the possibilities are endless! Not only do they offer oodles of versatility compared to their shorter counterparts, but they also provide some extra warmth during those chilly months.

Now, let’s keep it real – there’s no strict rulebook for working those long wig styles. What truly matters is if you’re feeling the vibe and rocking that confident glow. Whether you’re all about that human hair wig with some serious length or you’re getting sassy with a long synthetic wig, WigShopStop has the inside scoop on how to pull off those epic long hair looks.


Ah, the classic move – braids are our go-to for slaying the long wig game! You’ve got a whole spectrum of braid styles to choose from: the timeless classic braid, the chic fishtail, the elegant French braid, and even the edgy Dutch braid. Whether you’re letting those braids cascade straight down your neck, or you’re sweeping them to the side, it’s all about your desired aesthetic. And to give off that effortlessly cool vibe, give those braids a gentle tug to loosen things up. Rocking braids isn’t just about the stunning appearance – it’s also an intelligent way to keep that long hair out of your way while keeping your style modern and fresh.


High or low, ponytails are where it’s at when styling long wigs, and they effortlessly bring on that glamorous allure. Ponytails? They’re like the ultimate hairstyle chameleons – you can rock ’em for a laid-back look or amp things up with a trendy headband or a snazzy hair clip. Ready to rock that high pony? Ensure your wig is secure, and then use a brush to sweep that hair upwards, creating a sleek crown effect. If you’re all about that low pony vibe, use your fingers or a brush to gather the hair into a relaxed, low-hanging pony. Keep it chill – avoid pulling the hair too tight since you don’t want to risk any wig damage when taking that ponytail down. And if you’re aiming for that extra oomph, a quick spritz of wig hairspray seals the deal, especially for those flyaway baby hairs that need some taming.


Achieving those stunning curls on long wigs without using heat isn’t just about keeping them in prime condition for the long run. You can use flexible rollers, embrace braids, try a headband, or even go for the doughnut bun technique.


Playing with buns is so much fun! A Long Hair Wig for Women is perfect for rocking a bun, whether you prefer a cool low bun or want to go sky-high. Buns are versatile – they can easily transition from casual and relaxed to full-on glam. Low buns, in particular, shine and work well whether you’re lounging at home or hustling at work.

And if you’re not a pro at creating a bun, don’t worry – WigShopStop has got your back with the doughnut bun hack. Grab a reliable hairbrush, a hair doughnut, and an elastic band, and voila – you’ll be creating bun magic like a pro!


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