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How to style short hair at home

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Styling short hair is not complicated, and with a few tips from this article, you will already know how to easily style your short hair at home:

Add some volume and some waves: Want a chill, beachy look? Just spray some texture spray on damp hair, scrunch it up with your hands, and let it air dry. You’ll get that cool, relaxed vibe without much effort​​.

Another option is to go for a straightening tool and make those beachy weaves. For added volume, you can also add some clip in hair extensions.

Sleek and Smooth: For a polished look, use a little bit of styling primer on dry hair to keep everything smooth. Protect your hair with some heat spray before you straighten it. A dab of hair oil can help tame any flyaways and give you that sleek finish​​.

French bob: This one’s super trendy and easy. Just cut your hair chin-length with some bangs. When it’s damp, put on some wave spray, scrunch it for texture, and let it air dry. You’ll look effortlessly stylish​​.

Wet Look: Feeling bold? Go for the wet hair look. After your hair is half dry, smooth in some styling primer and comb it through. A little hair oil will give you that shiny, just-out-of-the-shower look​​.

Keep It Healthy: No matter the style, keeping your hair healthy is key. Use a hydrating mask once a week for that extra shine and softness. Remember, start with a little product and add more if needed. Overdoing it can make your hair look flat. And don’t forget to trim your hair regularly to keep your style looking sharp​​.

Hair Specialist, Kate R. reminds us that keeping things simple, like air-drying or minimal product use, works wonders. Regular cuts make a big difference too. Whether your hair is straight or curly, finding the right cut and style can make styling super easy​​.

If you want to switch it up to long hair, consider trying human hair wigs – these wigs can be styled, dyed, and trimmed, offering the most natural look. Also, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow or risk damaging your hair with styling.

In short, styling short hair is all about finding what works for you and having fun with it. Try different textures, go sleek or tousled, and keep your hair healthy for the best look.