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Hybrid App Development vs Native App Development – Which One Is The Better Choice?

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Innovation has no boundaries, and that is why it’s the right time to invest in app design, and development.

Over the past few years, mobile applications have now become the most important talk of the town, where app leading entrepreneurs running their app development agencies share their journey of success.

Some companies prefer to use native app development whereas some are keen towards hybrid app development. You will always see a cross platform app development company taking such important decisions accurately, based on detailed analysis and paperwork.

The unmatched popularity of mobile applications has opened a lot of job opportunities for the companies. Adults cannot train themselves to become app developers with on-hands command on modernized technologies, and create a strong portfolio of similar apps.

This opportunity has been developed by highly disruptive applications that are launched on the App Store every other day. All the competitors are working hard to learn something new, and get the best results for themselves.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the key differences between native app development, and hybrid app development to give readers a clear idea of what’s the best way out.

Are you excited to explore this history with us?

What is Native app development?

Native app development refers to the process of creating applications that are designed to work on specific devices, and mobile platforms like Android or iOS. They can work on only one platform at a time.

These types of applications are developed to meet the unique requirements of the businesses, and run on a single operating system. Whereas, a cross platform app development comprises multiple operating systems working.

This process allows the app developers to create intuitive applications dedicated to work on one platform only, with an interactive design and backend.

It comprises different programming languages like Java, or Kotlin that are best for Android app development. Whereas, Swift and Objective C for iOS app development.

The app developer has to decide first, whether the requirements are for creating an Android app or an iOS application.

These applications are designed to work on Desktop, Mobile phones, Smart TVs, and other assets to give customers an ever-lasting online experience.

The compelling UI/UX of the application makes the overall journey of the users interactive.

Some Well Known Examples Of Native Application

In this section, we are going to list down the well to do applications developed using native programming languages.

1.     Whatsapp

It’s really hard to find someone who has not used a Whatsapp application once in their lifetime.

WhatsApp is a well known application used for communication between different users worldwide. If your friends, family or any one close to you are relocated to any other region – WhatsApp will make it easier for you to communicate.

The communication process is very easy, and you can share photos, voice notes, location, stickers, and other stuff on the application.

It’s a native application because it works only on Android and iOS both. You have to download the app separately for both operating systems.

2.     Spotify

The second example of native application is Spotify, which is a well known music streaming application.

You can create your own playlist, add up new songs, delete songs from the playlist, and like any song which you think is good for you.

This application has earned enough acknowledgement through the years, and undoubtedly the users have to download the app separately for all the operating systems.

3.     Google Meet

The third type of application which we are going to list down is Google Meet, which is another most interesting and well established application.

Google Meet is used to have online meetings with your friends. However, a react native app development company won’t create a native app for you.

You simply have to connect with a native company to develop a similar app like Google Meet.

4.     SoundCloud

Lastly, we have a Sound Cloud application that is another type of music streaming application. Similar to Spotify, this application allows users to add up their recordings, and add music to the favorite list.

Benefits of Native app development

  • Swift speed
  • Seamless offline frequency
  • Elevated security
  • Great Performance

What is Hybrid app development?

Next we have Hybrid app development that is a combined up mixture of native and web solutions.

It consists of the code that is written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript using different plugins like Ioni Capacitor or Apache.

This integration makes the accessibility of native functionalities very easy, and seamless.

Hence, hybrid app development includes the backend code along with a downloadable native viewer to easily display the application’s functionalities, and the backend operations.

It simply works with a single codebase, and the application works on both Android and iOS operating systems.

The time is saved up, and the developers don’t spend excessive time on developing applications separately for both the operating system.

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Examples for Hybrid App Development

In this section, we are going to discuss the different types of hybrid application:

1.     Instagram

Instagram is listed below the category of Hybrid applications. Instagram uses your device’s camera to allow you to capture beautiful images and share the images within the community of friends they’ve built.

2.     Amazon App Store

Amazon app store is also a type of hybrid application. It allows users to select the applications and download those It is developed by combining the convenience, and seamless native and web based solutions.

3.     Gmail

Lastly, gmail is a mailbox that is used by businesses, adults, and bloggers – like everyone who uses this mailing service that comes beneath the hybrid applications.

This application is best for sending emails, attaching links, and images along with videos when required.

Wrapping Up

We tried to cover up all the necessary points that come beneath native and hybrid app development. You can use the term iOS app developer near me or android app developer near your location on search engines, and get the desirable results.

These types of terms will get you connected with the most professional resource, and the end product will be a functional application with 100% ROI.