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Importance of Connection with the Quran

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When you have your daily relationship with the Quran with understanding, it’ll change the way you think. It’ll change the kind of friends you have. It’ll change what you want to do with your spare time. This book will make you people of vision. We need young Muslims to be people of vision. You need to realize the importance of Connection with the Quran if you want to change society and make it better.

Why Quran is Vital For Us?

Quran leads us to be immortal because it influences our lives and hereafter. Most of us don’t want to be those people because first come video games and movies and sleep, then smoking, then drugs, then alcohol, and that’s life wasted. These are lives, hundreds of thousands of lives wasted, not just of non-Muslims. These are problems of Muslim youth today. Muslim youth have no purpose today. Why is that? Because the book gives us purpose, we’re disconnected from it. So, this blog will not only be informative but also pushbutton to change the way you think thanks to the enlightenment of the Quran.

  1. Consulting With the Quran is Need of Hour

We’re disconnected from that book that’s why we are misled and fail as an Ummah. We have to reconnect with this book. This is the really serious obligation we have in the Ummah to help the people come closer to this book and not scare people from this book and push them away from this book. You need to know when people get angry at the youth that turn away from the Deen. We don’t get angry at them rather we get angry at people like ourselves due to not following the Quran. We haven’t done enough. They would not have gone away if they knew what this was, and they don’t know what this is because we’re not doing our job. Adults must learn quran, age does not matter, enroll yourself in quran classes for adults and start you Quran journey. Those of us who should be teaching the Quran, so that the youth could be of concern, and the Quran will be a matter of concern for others.

  1. Interceder in the Hereafter

“Omar Khayyam Atisha” said, “Read the Quran, for those who fear only recite the Quran, because the Quran will intercede on your behalf. Allah subhana WA Ta’ala will question your Quran, and your Quran will say, ‘Ya Allah, this person lived a life by me. This person made a sacrifice for me.’ The question we ask you is: What sacrifice have you truly made for the Quran? What sacrifice have you truly made for the words of Allah?” The Quran will say, “Ya Allah, this person lived a life by me.” Allah will accept the intercession of the Quran, and Allah will forgive all of your sins. What is your relationship with the Quran?

  1. Threshold of Curiosity to Exploration

In the Quran, there’s an important directive for Muslims to seek knowledge, understand, and reflect on creation. Islamic scholars and scientists played a crucial role in preserving and enriching ancient Greek and Roman ideas, stimulated by Quranic verses prompting exploration of the heavens and the Earth. As early as the 9th century, Muslim scientists calculated the Earth’s circumference, while Medieval Europe clung to the notion of a flat Earth. Arabic numerals evolved from Indian origins into the basis of new arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra, and geometry, largely due to Muslim contributions.

Islamic medicine remained standard practice for centuries, fostering values of freedom and tolerance that provided refuge for persecuted Jews and dissident Christians fleeing Europe. However, when the Muslim world felt threatened, either by external foes or internal strife, there was a tendency to withdraw and close in.

  1. Enliven the Hearts and Souls

Quran enlivens the hearts and souls thanks to its miraculous power. So, its listening is from contemplation, then there is no doubt about the greatness of the impact on the heart. Indeed, many people received gifts. With this recitation that they hear, with this recitation that they hear, and for this faith that leads people and is good and good in recitation. Rather, this is one of the greatest calls.

  1. Influential Call to Non-Muslims  

One of the greatest calls to goodness is for people to hear the word of God (Quran). If the infidel polytheist, listening to the word of God affects him until his family listens to him, and how many infidels and polytheists there are. He entered Islam with only one verse, which he heard, one verse, and this was created in ancient times and modernity.


One verse can transform them from an astray path to the right path, and God wrote that he guided them and guided them by hearing it. So how about the non-muslim demeanour with the Muslim? And God says, “And when a surah is revealed, some of them say, ‘Which of you has this increased his faith?’ So as for those who believe, it has increased their faith, and they rejoice.” So, the Qur’an opens the doors for Muslims and Non-Muslims to Hidayah as we start studying it. May Allah make us the reciter and follower of the Koran. Amen.