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Incorporating French Culture into Early Childhood Education: Insights from Top Nurseries in Dubai

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Early childhood education lays the foundation for a child’s future development. In Dubai, one of the world’s most multicultural cities, where British citizens and Indian citizens are only a fraction of the foreign-born residents, top nurseries have taken the approach of integrating French culture into their educational programs. By offering a program that combines linguistic and cultural immersion, these nurseries are providing an educational experience in which children thrive and gain a true global perspective from a tender age.

In this guest post, we explore the top nurseries in Dubai that have incorporated French culture into early childhood education, offering valuable insights for parents in pursuit of such a well-rounded educational experience for their little ones.

Exploring French Cultural Integration

Top nurseries realize that education must extend beyond the classroom and outside of the standard curriculum. French cultural integration goes beyond the learning of the language – it also involves learning the traditions and customs that are intrinsic to the people of France. By mixing the two, children are not only proficient in a second language but are also exposed to the diversity and global perspectives of the world.

Multilingual Advantage

Integrating the culture of France begins with educating the children about the French language. Often, top nurseries will staff a native French-speaking teacher who is able to create an environment in which French and French alone are the languages spoken by the children. Research has shown that in early childhood, exposure to a multitude of languages also enhances cognitive abilities, and thus, the combination of culture and language provides a very strong grounding.

Cultural Activities and Events

Top nurseries now recognize the importance of going beyond linguistic engagement and have begun to set up cultural activities and events that expose the children to the many different aspects of French traditions. Whether it be French festivals, or the introduction of French bread and cheese into the children’s lunches, these activities and events allow a more ‘hands-on’ approach to the learning of French culture.

Global Citizenship and Cultural Understanding

By exposing children to French culture, the nurseries are also inadvertently but necessarily allowing the children to grow into global citizens and individuals who appreciate and respect the diversity of the world. By teaching children to understand and respect what is different, top nurseries are teaching children empathy. And in a world that seems so divided, empathy will serve those children well. Parents can expect their children to leave the nursery bilingual and with the deepest respect for those who look, speak, and live differently from themselves.


As you explore the world of early childhood education in Dubai, think about the insights and upbringing that a French nursery Dubai will offer to your blossoming child. The nursery of your choosing will promise your darling child a world that is not only rich and fluent in another language but is also rich in being well-rounded to responsibility.