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Instill the Love of Reading in Your Children

by Aasia khan
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In this digital age, when people have become habitual to consume information in bite-sized chunks through social media feeds and with a massive rise of smartphones, reading has become the hobby of yesteryear, especially among children. Reading is truly an essential skill that is very important for personal, let alone academic, growth, and cultivating a love of reading in your kids can help them develop a lifelong passion for learning. Instilling a habit of reading in this digital age can be challenging but achievable with the right strategies.

Now, the real question is, what are the ways to encourage your children to read more? Well, there are many strategies that you can follow to make this massive change. Scroll down to learn more.

Set an Example

It’s true that children learn their mannerisms from their parents. They imitate everything that they do! If reading is a part of your routine, chances are that your children are going to carry forward the love for reading in the future. If you are not a reader but somehow want your children to read more because of its benefits, then set aside some time each day to read for pleasure and make reading a part of your routine. Another thing that you can do to stimulate this habit for your kids is to discuss the books you are reading and recommend titles to each other.

Make it Fun

If you think reading cannot be fun, then you are wrong! Reading should be amusing, not a mere chore. Pick and choose a book that can be interesting for your kid to read, whether science fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, or any other subject they like. Another tip to make reading a fun experience is to read aloud to your children! It can be a bonding thing between you and them. You can mimic different voices for characters, add sound effects, and make the tales from the book come to life through animated storytelling. Also, consider setting up a cozy reading book or a book club for children to share the stories they like.

Make the Most of Technology

Technology is a powerful tool for stimulating reading in your children’s lives. It’s true that digital devices can create a hysteria, but they can also be a tool to instill a love of reading. There are a plethora of e-books and audiobooks available online, which can be an excellent option for your children. You can also explore educational apps specially curated to promote literacy development in children. These apps have a feature that lets you discover interactive stories, games, and fun activities that engage children and make reading more appealing. Also, traversing educational websites and other online platforms could be of great help because educational portals offer reading resources, interactive lessons, printable worksheets, and reading challenges to augment children’s learning.

Set Reading Rewards

Setting reading rewards can be an effective way to motivate them to read more! You can also allow your children to choose their reading rewards from a selection of options to cater to different interests. Set up doable reading targets based on your child’s age, reading level, and interests. Break down massive milestones into smaller goals to make them more attainable and rewarding. Make a reading chart where children can log the number of books they read or the time they spend reading every day. Try displaying the chart prominently in a visible area to allow children to track their progress. This will give them a sense of autonomy over their reading goals. A reward system customized to your child’s liking can make them fall in love with reading. Providing meaningful rewards, such as extra screen time, an outing to their favourite place, a small present or treat, or the opportunity to choose a new read, is a great strategy. You can buy these rewards at huge bargains, too! How, you ask? By using voucher codes, you can treat your little one to their favourite things without breaking the bank.

Create A Reading-Friendly Environment

A reading-friendly environment will automatically urge your kids to read. Setting up a designated reading space in your home where your kids can retreat for a quiet time. This place can be any nook of your house, a cozy corner in the living room, a special reading tent, or any area for that matter. The goal should be to encourage your little ones to read. Make this designated area comfortable with soft cushions, blankies, and good lighting. Incorporate a variety of books that are readily available and accessible to your kids. You can also add a gorgeous bookshelf that you can order from Topvoucherscode to display all your kids’ favorite books. A well-organized bookshelf will also make the books accessible for your children to read whenever they want.