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IPL 2024: Longest Sixes in the History of IPL

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Watching the IPL may be thrilling. The thrilling fast-paced action and the amazing, massive sixes that batters are hitting will excite any cricket lover. The teams have some amazing starting lineups composed of elite athletes. With some of them having strong swings, fans may expect a flurry of sixes in every game. There have been many fantastic hits in the Indian Premier League since the tournament began, including some really big ones. In addition, make sure to follow Exchmarket for more such interesting articles regarding cricket betting. You can resort to Exchmarket for IPL betting tips and updates.

IPL 2024: Longest sixes in IPL history

The following are the top hard hitters with the longest sixes under their belt. Let’s take a look at the list:

Player Six Distance (In Meters) Year
Albie Morkel 125 2008
Praveen Kumar 124 2011
Adam Gilchrist 122 2011
Robin Uthappa 120 2010
Chris Gayle 119 2013
Yuvraj Singh 119 2009

Albie Morkel – 125 Meters

In all three formats, Morkel’s aggressive batting style has not changed. Despite occasional fluctuations in his economy and unexpected bowling. Even if his returns aren’t usually particularly interesting to read, having the ball has helped the squad when they most needed it.

His power smashing has contributed to the Chennai Super Kings’ IPL success and helped him secure a contract with the team. Albie was let go from the Chennai Super Kings after six years of employment. But Royal Challengers Bangalore picked up the gifted all-rounder with massive hits in the 2014 auctions. This demonstrated that his abilities could not be disregarded. After that, he was bought by Delhi Daredevils at the 2015 auctions.

Praveen Kumar – 124 Meters

Praveen Kumar is a right-handed medium-pace bowler who has experience representing India in cricket. Praveen, who was born in Meerut on October 2, 1986, is a symbol of India’s traditional medium pacer. Despite his fast bowling speed of 125 mph, he presents no problems for even the best hitters. But he’s become India’s “go-to” bowler because of his ability to swing the ball even when it’s on the road. He comes second on the list of the IPL batters with the longest sixes with 124 meters.

Adam Gilchrist – 122 Meters

Adam Gilchrist is a former professional cricket player, current cricket commentator, and captain of Australia’s national team. He comes third on the longest IPL sixes list with a 122-meter screamer. He was an aggressive left-hand hitter as well as a record-breaking wicketkeeper. The primary reason Gilchrist participated in ODIs for Australia at first was to serve as a backup for the unwavering Ian Healy, who was getting on in age at the time.

Robin Uthappa – 120 Meters

Robin Uthappa is a former Indian cricketer who holds the 4th place in the list of longest IPL sixes. Uthappa went by the moniker “The Walking Assassin” due to his playing style. He claimed a spot on the list by hitting a 120-meter six while playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2010.

Chris Gayle – 119 Meters

How can we discuss the longest six in IPL history without mentioning Chris Gayle? With 349 career sixes, the muscular Jamaican is the record holder for most sixes in the IPL. In addition, he holds the record for the highest IPL score ever, hitting 175 off just 66 balls against Pune Warriors India in 2013. Gayle hit 17 sixes during the knock, one of which traveled 119 meters! This time, the bowler was Ali Murtaza, a left-arm spinner. The opener creamed the ball out of sight over deep midwicket to hit one of the longest sixes in IPL history after he made the cardinal error of tossing it up to Gayle in his slot.

Yuvraj Singh – 119 Meters

Yuvraj Singh comes in sixth on the list of the longest sixes in the history of IPL. He is the type of batter who participated in all types of formats. Yuvraj will go down in history as one of the most dangerous batters. He shone in all departments ranging from batting, bowling, and fielding.


Above is a list of the top 6 IPL cricket players who have already scored the most sixes. These are also some of the strong hitters who can clear the field with ease and speed. More incredible hits could be on the surface as the competition’s first round begins in a week. Meanwhile, follow satbet for IPL betting tips and predictions.