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Is it Worth Repairing Your Washer Dryer in Charlotte?

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Living in Charlotte’s busy lifestyle can be fun and time consuming at the same time. Whenever you get a day off you really want to enjoy it with your friends and family. That’s your appliances need to be in good shape to save your weekends. Especially your washer dryer. This appliance is essential, so it needs to be in tip-top shape. It uses pumps, hoses, drains, drums, switches, sensors, control panels, and filters to work correctly — any one of these can stop working. But are washer dryers worth the cost to repair in Charlotte?

The answer depends on a few things. This article was written for you so you can learn more about the sins you should look for to help determine if you should pay for your washer dryer repair in Charlotte or replace the whole appliance.

  • Age of Appliance: Generally, repairs make sense for younger washer dryers (less than 5 years old). For older models (over 10 years), replacing them might be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Repair Cost vs. Replacement Cost: Get a repair estimate before deciding. If the repair costs more than half the price of a new washer dryer, consider replacing it.
  • Severity of Issue: A simple fix like a belt replacement is a no-brainer. Major repairs, however, might signal the end of your washer dryer’s lifespan.
  • Consider the Environment: Repairing extends the life of your appliance, reducing waste. If your washer dryer is repairable, it might be the greener option.

How complex is the issue?

The complexity of the issue is another sign of whether your washer dryer is worth repairing. What’s causing it not to work? If it’s a common issue then it might be easier to fix, such as:

  • Washer quit spinning
  • Draining problems
  • Power issues
  • Water leaks
  • Funny noises
  • Water filling issues

These issues are not too complex, and they require simple fixes like replacing a part or wire. But, if the issue is more complex and due to the current market in Charlotte, the cost of repair might outweigh the cost of your appliance. Consult with an appliance repair company in Charlotte to identify the problem first before deciding on a repair.

Cost Considerations

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Sometimes the parts than need to be replaces are very expensive, such as electronic boards or control panels, which can make fixing the washer dryer more costly than buying a new one. In some other cases if your home is too old you might need an electrical panel installation which means that you will have to hire an electrician to do that.

Most other parts are inexpensive. The best way to calculate the cost of your repair is if the cost of the repair is under 50 percent of the cost of a new appliance, then it’s worth repairing.

Ask your local appliance service repair for an estimate before you decide to repair or not.


So, “Is it Worth Repairing Your Washer Dryer?” Of course, but it depends on several factors. Repairing your appliance should be viewed as an investment not as an expense if it’s cheaper to repair than to buy a new one. A reliable washer dryer is a must-have in any Charlotte home. By considering the factors described in this article, you can choose the most cost-effective option for your laundry needs.