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Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Short Term Furnished Rental Apartments in Chicago Look Amazing

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Many have found themselves captivated by the stunning city on Lake Michigan. This is, of course, Chicago, and this irresistible pull towards the city encourages people to look for short term furnished rental apartments in Chicago.

But how can one incorporate the city’s greatness into every corner of their home? Well, good thing you came across this article! Once you’re done reading from start to finish, you can easily beautify your rental in Chi-style!

Embrace Urban Chicness

Many interior design trends lately are minimalist or overly dependent on beige colors. Both feel very drab in Chicago, known for being eclectic and dynamic at all hours of the day. But even with this in mind, maximalism doesn’t quite fit either. The colors, patterns, and textures don’t quite mesh with Chicago Chic.

Instead, it would look best if you lean into the urban ambiance that Chicago is known for. A good way to get this effect for an apartment would be to use metal accents and neutral colors (but not beige, please!) and use furniture or wallpaper to create stylized lines for a sleek effect.

Lakefront Inspo

Another choice you have on hand is to go for the Lakefront aesthetic because Chicago has some gorgeous lakefront views, and you can decorate your apartment to make those views even more breathtaking. So, if you want to feel under the sea while dry, here are some fun ways to add some touches to this aesthetic.

The first tip, of course, is to use shades of blue. And even colors adjacent to blue, like cerulean aquamarine and navy. It’s best to avoid gradients, so if you want to incorporate many of these colors, then each room should have its own, don’t overdo it with any specific one.

There’s also the topic of mirrors. To get the most out of a lakefront vibe, you can play around with mirror placement that draws more attention to the lakes and helps your space feel larger. This added sense of spaciousness and blue at every corner can feel like the vast waters you’re peering down at.

Industrial Charm

A fan of steampunk? Then you can create a vintage Chicago with steampunk elements in your home! This draws on Chicago’s long industrial history, which it’s pretty proud actually. Once upon a time, it was second only to New York regarding its manufacturing.

You can use exposed brick walls, old time-y newspaper clippings, safe-for-use raw materials, and other such items to capture the industrial essence of Chicago. Thanks to the popularity of thrifting, you can also acquire original vintage items that will complement this aesthetic.

And before we forget, lighting fixtures from this era can also be pretty neat to have installed if you’re fully committed to the look.

Artistic Expressions

But now we move away from Chicago’s past and towards its future. And what’s the best way to do that? Head to the local art scene, of course! Instead of limiting yourself to any specific style, you can spend time at local galleries and support artists as they come up in the Chicago scene.

People who hate clutter can avoid hoarding too much furniture and keep their space open and clean. Meanwhile, the walls will be elegantly decorated with artwork to ensure a classy feel.

And for others, it might be easier to opt for incredible paintings and over-elaborate renovations on a rental apartment. Plus, some apartments might have rules regarding how much you can personalize the space. So, if the landlord has strict policies about replacing or renovating anything, you can buy some artwork and call it a day.

Balance Historical & Contemporary

But wait, why even choose between the present and the past? Many elements can be placed together to maintain your apartment’s aesthetic harmony.

You can have a brick or partially exposed brick walls and contrast them with some choice art pieces that ooze sleekness.

Alternatively, you could opt for lovely shades of blue wallpapers and add metallic accents through picture frames and lamps, etc., for a fiercer and more dramatic vibe.

But it would be irresponsible to advise everyone the same way. If interior design is new, don’t risk the potential eyesore and play it safe. But, if this is something you’ve gotten comfortable with after doing it a few times here and there, then mix and match away!


Chicago has a lot to offer, and coming here shows you how much diversity is found at every corner. This same diversity means that there are many Chicago-specific ways to make your apartment rental feel like it’s your own space. From following vintage themes to opting for a lakefront aesthetic, you’ll find that all of it feels natural in Chicago.

Even if you want to play it simple, the galleries have all kinds of stunning artworks that are sure to feel at home on your walls. So, with all these options, what’s stopping you? Decorate away!