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Learn About the Top 2 Known Smart Housing Projects in Pakistan

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you think about smart cities?

Well, if it is a vision which is laden with smart infrastructure, flying cars and everyone and everything surrounded by computers, then let us tell you that you are not alone. But apart from the vision which is being implanted in our minds all thanks to the movies, the concept of smart cities is much more practical, livable and sustainable.

The vision which is there but needs to be translated into reality demands extra involvement of resources and smart cities go by the phrase of resource optimization. This is a concept which makes the smart cities all the more obvious need of the hour.

The rise of the concept is all thanks to the recent attention to waste generation and all the horrible things which we have done to the environment. From overutilizing the resources to the destruction that we have caused, the disasters are not stopping anytime soon and we have yet to pay the consequences.

At these times, the need for both adoption and mitigation is stronger than ever. People need to understand this better than any other time that in every aspect of life, we have to be more aware of our actions.

This line of thinking has now led us to incorporate sustainable practices in real estate which are in the form of Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City.

The concept of smart cities has been there for ages but it is only now that the concept is shaping into a reality when more and more nations are turning towards this concept – embracing the practicality of these projects and the change that these projects are bringing to their lives.

What is a Smart City?

A smart city is an urban development which is laced with premium features such as high-quality infrastructure, better lifestyle facilities and the right incorporation of technology in the right amount. The highlight of smart cities is the optimal use of resources which ensures the residents that less is the new more.

Why Do We Need Smart Cities?

This is a more obvious need for people to understand the concept of sustainability. Sustainability is a concept according to which the resources are to be used at an optimal pace so that you are saving the resources for the generations that have yet to come.

There are many reasons which state that why smart cities are the ultimate need of the hour. Here are some of the common ones that you need to know about:

  • Urbanization
  • Overpopulation
  • Global warming
  • Deforestation
  • Air pollution
  • Food waste
  • Plastic pollution
  • Biodiversity loss

All of these problems need a prompt and high-end solution which can ensure the residents that the damage can be resurrected to some extent.

Let us learn in-depth about the two most promising real estate projects in Pakistan which are creating waves for all the right reasons:

Smart City Lahore

Known as the first-ever smart city in Lahore and the second of its kind in Pakistan. Smart City Lahore is a project of two of the most esteemed developers in Lahore – FDHL and HRL. The collaboration is proving to be worthy of the time and effort.

Lahore smart city is the perfect balance of better infrastructure and a premium masterplan. This sophisticated balance is produced by understanding the concept of sustainable development. It is important, necessary one of the most important things of the current time.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

The first-ever smart city of Pakistan which was the foundation of sustainable real estate in Pakistan. Capital Smart City is a true trendsetter in paving the way for quality real estate in Pakistan which was equal parts affordable. and reliable. This balance is hard to acquire in the modern era but it is done amazingly by the developers of the housing society.

With a thoroughly planned and detailed master plan at hand and ready to be executed, CSC is a crown jewel in the landscape of Islamabad. Not only this one is a premium investment opportunity but is also a stunning way to multiply your passive income.

Some of the exclusive facilities which the society is offering in this housing society are as follows:

  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Advanced Security
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Metro bus system
  • Underground Electricity
  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity
  • Smart apps i.e. traffic, weather, electricity, internet
  • Hotels, Shopping centres, and Sports clubs
  • Smart and modern Housing plan
  • World Class infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Mosques, Parks as well as lakes
  • Recreational Activities
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Moven Pick Hotels & Resorts
  • Designated interchange from M-2

The Bottom Line!

There is no denying the fact that these two smart cities are the perfect way to ensure that sustainable real estate is now being practised in Pakistan. Make sure to invest in these projects for a long-lasting and premium real estate experience.

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