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Luxury Villas Are A Great Investment Option for NRIs in 2024

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If you’re a non-resident Indian (NRI) and you’re looking for future proof investments, it’s not enough for you to simply go to the real estate consultants in India and find a regular home or apartment to kick off your portfolio. You should consider a luxury villa.

With the luxury world in India garnering more attention from tourists as well as locals, it’s a better option for many to have a comfortable, safe stay in India without forfeiting the luxury of a nice hotel or the convenience of a kitchen and privacy.

So, let’s look into why NRIs should consider investing in a luxury villa for 2024’s new investments.

Market-Proof Investments

Luxury homes seem to be relatively safe from things like market dips and recessions as compared to other investments on option. When an economic downturn happens, these properties are much less affected thanks to the ever-growing demand and the limited supply. This means NRIs can have less stress knowing their investment in luxury is a reliable source of income, regardless of what happens in the world at large.

High Rental Yields 

When compared to standard properties, a luxury home has a unique advantage in offering a higher rental income. This happens due to the demand of luxury rentals being seen in tier one cities, where affluent individuals are happy to pay for premium accommodations. By investing in this rental stream NRIs can make sure they have a steady income in the long term.

Property Management Services

Luxury home developers love to offer comprehensive management services alongside building, renovating or landscaping the luxury villa. This usually includes things such as regular maintenance, regular cleaning, security services and housekeeping to name a few. So even if as an NRI you don’t live in India, you can rest assured the property is managed on your behalf. The secret to success here is finding the best possible property management all-rounder who has experience in the luxury market.

Greater Appreciation Probability

When you play your cards right, a luxury home has the potential to appreciate in value significantly over time. For this to work out for you, the location matters. When you pick an exclusive neighbourhood, you can attract affluent buyers and renters who ensure a consistent demand for luxury properties. This means that there is a high chance of capital gains if you decide to sell the property in the future.

A Long-Term Retirement Option

You may not have thought of this in the past, but a luxury home provides NRIs with a great option for retirement in the event that they want to return to India in the future. By investing in this luxury property early on, you can branch into an established community that allows for great comfort and ease of living when you get older. In order to do this well, you need to think of the future when considering the location, amenities and building metrics of the villa. This way you can grow old in comfort without having to renovate the villa.

Greater Liquidity Value

Luxury homes are an incredible niche and exclusive of an option, and thus are always in demand.  This means that if an NRI wants to sell the home for any reason, there’s a greater chance of high liquidity options. The limited supply and demand of the luxury sector means that any villa will be sold at a better premium than the mass market. This means better financial flexibility and the ability to confidently liquidate your investments if you ever need to.

High Future Prospects

There are two main future prospects for NRIs, let’s go over them.

The first is sustained growth and this is due to the boom in luxury real estate in India. The market dynamics and positive increase in demand for luxury properties as well as ongoing infrastructure development in cities means growth is going upwards at a steady rate.

The second is market resilience, and this is when the market can hold up against ongoing post-Covid market fluctuations. So far, as of 2024 this is the case for Indian luxury villas, provided you don’t cut corners in location and other such factors to ensure long term value.

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Now that you understand the value of luxury villas for NRIs, it’s a great idea to get in contact with the top builders in Coimbatore.

This is where Radvi comes in, with their all-in-one service, they can do it all, from helping you renovate an existing villa, to building, designing and maintaining a new build. No matter where in the world you are, Radvi can help you find success in the luxury villa market.


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