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Lymphatic Therapy: A Holistic Approach to Wellness

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Step into the realm of lymphatic therapy, a holistic wellness approach dedicated to enhancing the functionality of the lymphatic system. This crucial system plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy body by eliminating waste, toxins, and supporting immune functions. Verita Life offers Lymphatic Therapy as part of its comprehensive program, focusing on stimulating the immune system and restoring optimal flow to the lymph nodes.

Unlike traditional forms of superficial lymphatic massage and compression, our therapy involves lymphatic drainage of body fluids, facilitating movement in deep lymphatic channels. This approach has proven particularly beneficial for patients dealing with Lymphedema secondary to cancer, post-operative complications, chemotherapy, radiation, trauma, or chronic illnesses such as asthma.

Our success stories extend to the integration of Lymphatic Therapy with Immunotherapy and Cancer-Fighting protocols. This dynamic anti-cancer approach has significantly reduced cancer care symptoms in a safe and welcoming environment.

Understanding the Lymphatic System and Lymphedema

The lymphatic system, an intricate network of tissues and organs, works to eliminate unwanted materials from the body. Lymph, a fluid containing fighter and killer cells, travels through this system. Congestion in lymphatic vessels can occur due to injury, blood clots, or misuse, leading to Lymphedema—a condition characterized by tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of protein-rich fluid.

Symptoms of Lymphedema include swelling, restricted range of motion, tightness or heaviness, recurring infections, and skin fibrosis. Causes range from cancer and radiation treatment to surgery and parasites, with risk factors including old age, obesity, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Lymphatic Therapy Technique

Lymphatic therapy, also known as Lymphatic Drainage Therapy or Deep Lymphatic Therapy, is a specialized massage technique focused on clearing congestion, Lymphedema, and fluid build-ups from lymphatic vessels. The therapy aids in maintaining proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions.

The technique involves gentle pressure to remove accumulated waste fluids, and therapists may massage other parts of the body to ensure proper drainage. While compression sleeves can help prevent fluid build-up to some extent, seeking professional therapy is recommended for optimal relief from Lymphedema.

Lymphatic massage consists of two stages: clearing and reabsorption. The clearing stage involves gentle pressure on specific areas of the body, creating a vacuum to clear congestion. Reabsorption follows, establishing a flushing effect and preparing the area to accept more fluid.

Clearing guidelines recommend working on areas like the supraclavicular lymph and axillary lymph, ensuring both sides of the body are massaged. The process is sequential, starting with the supraclavicular area, followed by the axillary and inner elbow areas, and then moving to the legs.

Reabsorption involves a sweeping motion from the farthest point of the affected area towards it, applying enough pressure to shift the skin’s surface. This process is repeated for both the upper body and the legs, ensuring a complete clearing and reabsorption.

Regular lymphatic massage should prevent worsening of Lymphedema, and staying well-hydrated aids in flushing out waste materials. Opting for a certified therapist ensures the best results in managing and alleviating the symptoms of Lymphedema.