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Make Waves with Smonet SR5 – The Ultimate Pool Skimming Companion

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Welcome to the future of pool maintenance! In the realm of aquatic indulgence, Smonet continues to make waves with its innovative solutions. Riding high on its global expansion, Smonet proudly unveils its latest marvel, the SR5 – an exceptional addition to its lineup of pool cleaning companions. Notably, the SR5 has already clinched the prestigious 2024 Gold Award at the esteemed French Design Awards, solidifying its status as a game-changer in the world of pool care.

Smonet’s journey towards global recognition has been nothing short of extraordinary. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, Smonet has transcended borders, offering cutting-edge solutions to pool owners worldwide. The Smonet SR5 Pool Skimmer emerges as the pinnacle of this journey, representing the culmination of Smonet’s dedication to redefining pool maintenance standards.

Introducing the SR5

Imagine a world where pool cleaning is effortless, efficient, and eco-friendly. Enter the SR5 Pool Skimmer – a cordless, solar-powered cleaning device that revolutionizes the way you maintain your pool. Gone are the days of laborious manual skimming; the SR5 Pool Skimmer seamlessly takes over, leaving you with more time to enjoy your aquatic oasis.

The Efficiency of Solar Power

At the heart of the SR5’s brilliance lies its utilization of solar power. Equipped with cutting-edge solar panels, the SR5 Pool Skimmer harnesses the sun’s energy to power its operations, ensuring optimal efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Its self-propelling movement mimics that of a seasoned surfer, effortlessly gliding across the water’s surface with grace and precision.

Eliminate Manual Pool Skimming

Bid farewell to the tedious chore of manual pool skimming. With the SR5 Pool Skimmer by your side, surface debris has become a problem of the past. Whether they are leaves, twigs, or other unwanted objects, the SR5 tackles all with unmatched efficiency, leaving your pool pristine and inviting. Suitable for pools of all sizes, the SR5 Pool Skimmer is a versatile companion that promises hassle-free maintenance year-round.


Other Key Features of the SR5

The SR5 Pool Skimmer boasts a plethora of features designed to elevate your pool cleaning experience. From ultrasonic radar smart obstacle avoidance to saltwater adaptability, the SR5 Pool Skimmer is equipped to navigate any pool environment with ease. Its path optimization technology ensures comprehensive coverage, while dual cleaning modes cater to your specific cleaning needs. Compatible with standard, saltwater, and even natural pools, the SR5 is the epitome of versatility and functionality.

Pricing and Availability

Excited to dive into the future of pool maintenance? The SR5 Pool Skimmer is set to make its debut in the first quarter of 2024, promising to revolutionize the way you clean your pool. With a competitive price point that reflects its exceptional features and performance, the SR5 Pool Skimmer offers unparalleled value for pool owners. Keep an eye out for availability on Smonet’s website and leading online retailers like Amazon.


1. What is the Smonet SR5 Pool Skimmer?

The Smonet SR5 Pool Skimmer is an advanced robotic skimmer pool designed to autonomously clean the surface of your pool. It operates using solar power and utilizes innovative technology to efficiently remove debris, leaving your pool sparkling clean.

2. How does the SR5 Pool Skimmer work?

The SR5 Pool Skimmer works by gliding across the surface of your pool, skimming off debris such as leaves, twigs, and insects. It utilizes solar power to operate and is equipped with smart obstacle avoidance technology to navigate around objects in the pool.

3. Is the SR5 Pool Skimmer suitable for all types of pools?

Yes, the SR5 Pool Skimmer is designed to be compatible with various types of pools, including standard, saltwater, and natural pools. Its versatility makes it a suitable option for pool owners with different pool setups.

4. What types of debris can the SR5 Pool Skimmer handle?

The SR5 Pool Skimmer is capable of removing a wide range of debris commonly found in pools, including leaves, pollen, insects, and surface oils. Its efficient cleaning mechanism ensures thorough removal of debris, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool.

5. How long does it take for the SR5 Pool Skimmer to clean a pool?

The cleaning time may vary depending on factors such as the size of the pool and the amount of debris present. However, the SR5 Pool Skimmer is designed to efficiently clean the surface of the pool promptly, saving you time and effort in pool maintenance.


As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the SR5 Pool Skimmer, it’s clear that a new era of pool maintenance is upon us. With its innovative features, eco-friendly design, and effortless operation, the SR5 Pool Skimmer is poised to change the way we think about pool cleaning. Join the wave of innovation and upgrade your pool maintenance routine with the Smonet SR5 robotic pool skimmer. Your pool – and your peace of mind – will thank you.

In conclusion, the Smonet SR5 Pool Skimmer isn’t just a pool skimmer; it’s a revolution in aquatic maintenance. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, it promises to make pool cleaning a breeze for owners everywhere. So why wait? Dive into the future of pool maintenance with the Smonet SR5 Pool Skimmer and experience the difference for yourself.