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Margarita Howard of HX5: Her Path to Success in Government Contracting

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In the competitive world of government contracting, where innovation, resilience, and strategic foresight are not only valuable, but essential, Margarita Howard stands out as a testament to what visionary leadership can achieve. Her journey to becoming the sole owner, CEO, and president of HX5 isn’t just a success story; it’s a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to make their mark in the industry.

Howard is a service-disabled veteran, and her tenure in the Air Force, coupled with a solid educational background including a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree, instilled in her a unique perspective on leadership, strategy, and operational planning.

“Once we’ve identified a relevant opportunity, we must carefully review the solicitation documents to understand the requirements and evaluation criteria. We then have to prepare a comprehensive bid (proposal) that addresses all the specified requirements and demonstrates our ability to perform the work successfully at competitive prices. It’s also absolutely necessary to ensure you submit your bid before the deadline and follow all instructions provided in the solicitation,” she says.

Howard continues, “Once we’ve been awarded a prime contract, it’s crucial to stay compliant with all contractual requirements, regulations, and reporting obligations, and we ensure we have the best teams in place to do this.”

As a leader, Howard is committed to diversity and inclusivity. Under her guidance, HX5 boasts a management team where women hold many vital positions. Her philosophy is deeply rooted in the idea that a prosperous, resilient, and forward-looking enterprise is built on the foundation of a diverse and empowered workforce.

Despite HX5 being a women-owned business, Howard is clear that this designation doesn’t tilt the scales in the company’s favor. However, the company’s wins prove she’s helping pave the way for more women-owned businesses to enter government contracting.

She says, “With the increase in the number of women-owned businesses comes what many would see as a benefit in the form of having more opportunities for collaboration and teaming. Women-owned businesses can benefit from partnering with other firms, including large primes or other small businesses, to pursue larger contracts or projects requiring diverse expertise.”

Margarita Howard continues, “As more women-owned businesses enter the government contracting market, competition for contracts is intensifying. Accordingly, with an increase in the number of businesses that may be competing for work, it continues to be of critical importance for any business (women-owned or otherwise) to differentiate themselves through their unique capabilities, past performance, and value propositions that they can offer to the government.”

The Beginning of HX5

The inception of HX5 under Howard was driven by a vision to create a company that excelled in government contracting and pushed the boundaries of innovation and operational excellence. Located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the firm quickly grew from a startup into a formidable force in the industry, boasting a workforce of 1,000 employees and operations across 34 states and 90 government locations. Howard at the helm was instrumental in guiding the company through this remarkable growth, focusing on building solid relationships with key stakeholders and profoundly understanding the intricacies of government needs.

Howard’s team members don’t just respond to opportunities; they anticipate them. By keeping a finger on the pulse through diligent monitoring of platforms like sam.gov and actively engaging in industry events, the firm ensures it’s always at the right place at the right time, with the right pitch.

“One thing we do, whether we win or lose a contract competition, is we seek feedback from the contracting officer to understand how we can improve our proposals and increase our competitiveness in future opportunities,” says Margarita Howard. “We try to continuously assess our performance, refine our strategies, and invest in professional development education so our employees are able to always stay ahead in performance.”

Margarita Howard: Navigating Challenges With Strategic Foresight

The road to winning contracts is riddled with obstacles. The challenges are many, from the fierce competition to the daunting maze of regulations. Yet, under Howard’s stewardship, the company has mastered the art of differentiation to stand out in the crowded field.

“Government contracting is highly competitive, with many companies vying for the same contracts. To overcome this challenge, we’ve had to differentiate ourselves by highlighting our unique capabilities, our successful past performances, and the overall value proposition we can provide for our customers,” she says.

The firm is committed to bettering every operational aspect. “Continuously investing in one’s professional development and business capabilities helps with staying updated on relevant industry trends, regulations, and best practices, which can help a women-owned small business be competitive in the government contracting landscape,” she says.

“We’ve had to invest heavily in time and money to navigate the complexities of these regulations and compliance requirements and have on many occasions had to hire legal or regulatory experts to assist in understanding and ensuring we’re always in adherence.”

HX5 embraces adaptability. Whether pursuing prime or subcontractor roles, the company tailors its strategy, focusing on specialization and comprehensive proposal development. It’s a dance of precision and adaptability, ensuring that resources — be it staffing or budget — are meticulously aligned with the goals of each bid.

“Obtaining prime government contracts can often be a complex, time-consuming, and very competitive process,” Howard notes. “You have to certainly understand your customer’s needs and any specific requirements or regulations that may apply to them, and even though almost all work is highly competitive, building relationships with government procurement officers, government customers, prime contractors, and other stakeholders can enhance the chances of winning prime contracts by providing a better understanding of the governments needs and challenges.”

To Margarita Howard and HX5, progress is not about labels, but about delivering undeniable value and exceeding expectations. This mindset is a testament to her and the company’s commitment to excellence, irrespective of the playing field’s dynamics.

Compliance and ethical conduct aren’t just checkboxes for the firm; they’re the foundation of its operational ethos. The company’s rigorous adherence to regulations and approach to data security and financial integrity speaks volumes about its dedication to doing business the right way.