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Maximize the Potential of QuickBooks Enterprise with Cloud Hosting

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In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, businesses of all sizes always look for innovative ways to streamline operations. One area where this is particularly important is in accounting. As companies grow, the accounting requirements become increasingly complex, leading to the need for software that can handle this complexity efficiently and effectively.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a premier accounting software specifically designed for larger organizations. And while the software itself is already highly sophisticated, hosting it on the cloud takes it to a whole new level. This article explores why hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud can benefit your business and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Have a look at the popularity of different versions of Quickbooks:

But there is a problem – QuickBooks Enterprise requires a local setup for the user’s systems to install and run the software, meaning businesses must store it on their physical systems.

Increasing competition and large-scale operations require more powerful and better technology solutions, but QuickBooks Enterprise does not support this requirement in its current state. This is why cloud hosting for QuickBooks Enterprise is such a great idea. Let’s discuss all these benefits in detail in this blog:

1.  Scale your IT infrastructure up or down depending on your needs.

When hosted on the cloud, QuickBooks Enterprise helps businesses precisely improve their scalability and simplify IT operations. Scalability allows enterprises to expand their operations when their business demands it. Cloud hosting also makes it much simpler to manage the IT infrastructure. This means no more relying on your IT staff to add or upgrade hardware to ensure the scalability of your systems.

With QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, businesses don’t have to worry about servers, storage, software, and data security, as the cloud provider will be responsible for all these. With an internet connection, companies can access their QuickBooks Enterprise data and applications from anywhere. They can access the cloud through web browsers, and all their data is stored and protected on remote servers, eliminating concerns over security and data loss.

In addition, businesses will no longer depend on physical location for their operations and can use remote resources. Precisely, the cloud hosting of QuickBooks Enterprise will allow enterprises to access many applications and leverage cost savings associated with the economy of scale and resource pooling. Specifically, this makes it simpler to expand operations and use innovative business solutions.

The flexibility of cloud-hosted QuickBooks Enterprise ideally provides businesses with much-needed cost savings. They can purchase their data space on demand and only pay for what they use. This cost-effective approach ensures they will never run into unnecessary operational or capital expenses while making sure they get access to highly scalable IT solutions.

2.  Access it from anywhere, anytime!

QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud can provide easy access to the most up-to-date information. By utilizing cloud hosting precisely, companies no longer have to worry about downtime from power outages or even a complete computer failure.

The data is hosted in a secure server, so there is always access, regardless of location. That means businesses can access information anytime and anywhere, eliminating any issues of location, which is crucial in a competitive environment.

To illustrate the enhanced accessibility offered by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, let’s take an example of a retail business. Access to QuickBooks is critical when processing an order in the store. Without cloud-hosted QuickBooks, you would have to purchase and install servers and the software in the store. Instead, with hosted QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, you can have the same access from anywhere with a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, eliminating any hardware cost or downtime.

Additionally, QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud allows businesses to enjoy numerous user permissions that limit access to specific data areas. This ensures the security of sensitive information and helps create more accessibility for other users. Employees, for instance, can be given different levels of access depending on their role in the company, allowing them to better serve their purpose without overstepping any boundaries.

3.  Get Advanced Security

This might surprise some, but hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud helps you achieve a level of security and reliability that was simply not achievable before. Cloud servers are in highly secure and resilient facilities to protect against natural disasters, malicious attacks, and user error.

With a hosted solution, you have peace of mind knowing that your QuickBooks data is protected by a dedicated team of cloud experts who monitor the server 24/7 and respond quickly in an emergency. Cloud providers have adopted industry-standard protocols and data encryption methods to ensure all information is safe from unauthorized access.

Moreover, cloud-hosted solutions also provide robust disaster recovery features. The servers are routinely backed up and can be recovered quickly if something does happen to your data. Plus, you can create custom backup policies that ensure your data is safe and sound.

4.  Enhances Collaboration Between Team Members

By hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, the collaboration between team members can be efficiently handled, and work tasks can be done quicker and more accurately. Each team member can access the data quickly whenever they need. Precisely, it allows real-time tracking and analysis of customer details, records, transaction history, inventories, and finances with each other, which enables team members to identify customer behavior, analyze customer details, and keep up with the orders, eliminating any need for manually dealing with the data.

The result is a smoother collaboration between all the members since all the resources and customer data are readily available.

For instance, if a customer asks for additional information about their transactions and product, QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting ensures all team members are updated and that any request from the customer is quickly met with no discrepancies or hassle. Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud saves resources and ensures everyone on the team can access data and help when needed, making collaboration easier and quicker.

5.  Ensures Cost Effectiveness

Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud can make your operations cost-effective and the most affordable choice in the long run.

Investing in the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution eliminates the need for any physical equipment and frees your enterprise from any complex wiring and network managemensystem. Thus, you will save money as you won’t need to hire expensive IT personnel and staff.

Moreover, since you’ll be using the cloud for hosting, the upgrades and updates won’t require additional expenses. Unlike the traditional software, which has to be constantly upgraded by paying more money, with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting on the cloud, all the required upgrades, installations, and configuration will be automatically taken care of by your cloud hosting provider, such as Ace Cloud Hosting.

Since cloud computing offers unmatched flexibility and scalability, businesses don’t need additional licenses if their requirements increase. They just have to upgrade the storage, performance, bandwidth, and memory, which requires comparatively less investment.

For instance, many small businesses utilize cloud hosting to maximize their operations at minimum cost, thus creating immense possibilities for themselves.

Case Studies of Businesses That Benefited from Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise

Businesses use QuickBooks Cloud for various operations, including managing and paying bills, invoicing, recording payments, tracking income & expenses, payroll, and generating detailed and precise reports. This robust platform offers immense benefits to organizations all over the world. For instance:

  • Breezeworks: Breezeworks is a leading software firm based in the USA. They used a traditional accounting system and found it challenging to manage their finances efficiently. By switching to Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, they could automate many of their financial processes and access their financial data from anywhere, anytime. This allowed them to make more informed financial decisions and grow their business.


  • Brinker International: Brinker International is a renowned casual dining restaurant company. They used an outdated accounting system and needed a more modern solution to manage their finances. By switching to Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, they were able to streamline their financial processes and reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry. Consequently, they could also access their financial data from anywhere, at any time, which allowed them to make more informed financial decisions.


  • AdvantEdge: AdvantEdge is a leading medical billing company. Previously, they used a traditional accounting system that could not keep up with their rapid growth. By switching to Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, they could automate many financial processes and access their financial data in real time. This allowed them to make more informed financial decisions and scale their business more efficiently.


If you’re looking for an affordable yet efficient way to handle your QuickBooks Enterprise requirements, you should give hosting it on the cloud a shot. You will benefit from great scalability, advanced security, and cost savings, as you will only pay for what you need.

Furthermore, with all the features and benefits of cloud hosting QuickBooks Enterprise, you can enjoy improved performance and scalability while staying within budget.