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Medspa Marketing Agency: What You Need to Know Before You Hire One

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It isn’t always easy to attract new customers, especially if you are a med spa owner.

Did you know that almost 20% of med spa patients are millennials? And, in line with the American Med Spa Association, this trend shows an overall decrease in average patient age.

It implies that millennials are helping the med spa industry to grow. And you have no other option but to market your medical spa business to them. 

So, if you want your business to stand out, you need an agency that masters med spa digital marketing as one of its core services.

But which medical spa marketing companies are most reliable for your medical spa business?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This post covers everything from what you need to learn about a professional med spa marketing service to what are the new market trends and shifts that would help you find the best medspa marketing agency for your business.

What is Med Spa and Why There is a Need for Med Spa Marketing Strategies Only?

Med spa is not a regular spa. It offers a wide range of medical spa services that go beyond just massages or facials. 

It means you’ll have access to many unique services in medical spas, including but not limited to medical-grade facials, peels, liposuction, and laser therapies!

But, if you’re one of the medical spa owners, you need to make sure that you’re reaching the right audience and providing them with the content they want.

That’s why you must work with a medspa marketing agency that adopts effective marketing strategies, uses social media platforms, and understands your audience’s needs.

If you’re wondering how to take your medical spa business to the next level, you must choose a reliable medspa marketing agency. Here are some key digital marketing services you should look for:

Web Design Services for Medical Spas

Your medical spa website is always the first impression potential clients have of your spa.

It is not just about creating pages that look good. So it must be sleek, modern, and eye-catching!

It may seem scary, but if you understand the process well, you’ll be on better footing to get started. A good medspa marketing agency can help you with that.

Medical Spa SEO

SEO is an integral part of all your marketing efforts. SEO-optimized websites and digital ads are key to helping people find your business online. Look for a medspa marketing agency that specializes in spa SEO only.

Local SEO is also crucial. The purpose of local SEO is to add local business listings on Google. Some of the invaluable tools are Google Maps and Google My Business. 

It’s worth taking some time to make your local businesses visible online because it will reach more people searching for a medical spa.

And make sure a medspa marketing agency can handle both medical spa SEO and digital ads effectively.

Content Marketing for Medical Spa

Another service is content marketing, which involves using videos, texts, or images to reach your target audience. For example, blog content is a great medical spa marketing strategy to start a conversation with your new patients.

Remember: Writing content without basing it on the medical spa industry is like speaking a foreign language to your customer who isn’t fluent.

So, make sure the medspa marketing agency has skilled writers who can write well and craft engaging posts.

PPC or Paid Advertising Campaigns for Medical Spa

PPC ads or paid advertising campaigns drive traffic to your medical spa website. But it’s essential to get them right!

A good med spa marketing agency can help you optimize your ads for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Digital Signage for Medical Spa

Who doesn’t want to show treatments dynamically? Try digital signage!

Why would your medical spa business want to use such marketing tactics? Well, the short answer is to send a message that is vital both to the displayer and to the audience. 

Think of it as a place that engages people in the experience. 

Not every digital marketing agency offers this service, so make sure you ask for it.

Email Marketing for Medical Spa

Email marketing is a low-cost, effective way to stay in touch with your customers. It also helps you to build lasting relationships with them.

It isn’t a new marketing strategy anymore. Billions of other businesses are using it for increasing brand awareness.

Your business can also run advertising campaigns with this marketing strategy to incentivize sales through loyalty programs, referral programs, or specials.

So, the medspa marketing agency you choose must have the ability to help you set up automated email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing for Medical Spa

Social media is a must for any modern medical spa. In other words, your business cannot survive without social media platforms.

People want to see you interact with them on social media.

Social media marketing improves the presence of your business online and makes more patient appointments. For example, you can use Facebook (the top most-used social media platform) to bolster your med spa’s success.

So, a good medspa marketing agency must be able to help you craft eye-catching ads that showcase images of your successful treatments on social media, create social media posts, and engage your audience.

Video Marketing for Medical Spa

Video ads are a powerful way to showcase your service in living color.

Make sure the medspa marketing agency has skilled graphic designers who can create custom videos for you.

Competitor Analysis for Medical Spa

Want to get a leg up on the competition?

A good med spa marketing agency studies your rivals, analyzes audience behaviors, and helps you carve out your niche.

Keyword Research for Medical Spa

Choosing the right keywords is key to long-term success. Make sure the agency has the tools and expertise to find the keywords that will make your business shine.

Display Ad Targeting

Display ads are a big investment, so you want to make sure to get them right!

The right medspa marketing agency helps you create eye-catching banner ads that target the right audience. 

Let’s discuss why you shouldn’t hire a conventional marketing agency.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Conventional Marketing Agency

Traditional marketing methods are no longer efficient.

For instance, thousands of people with no interest in the product watch most TV ads. But digital marketing allows you to target medical spa patients only. You can reach more clients and maximize your ROI. 

Admit it: You’ll never survive if your medical practice has no strong online presence.

Did you know that most prospective clients first Google medical spa online and then visit you in person? It means you should work hard to generate positive reviews. And when you have more reviews and patient testimonials, Google will rank you higher on SERPs.

Medical Spa Industry Trends

Interactive Content

In today’s digital world, interactive content is a must-have on websites. 

Your prospective patient does not want something super-fancy in your content.

So make sure a medical spa marketing agency adds graphical elements to it. A few infographics or flip-boxes would work. They grab your visitors’ attention and prevent them from leaving your website.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Another popular trend in website design is to create a mobile-friendly design.

As more and more millennials today are smartphone users and browse the web on cell phones, it is a must to have a mobile-friendly website. 

Add Visuals/Videos on Your Website

Video content is an essential element. Adding it to your website engages users and provides a dynamic, immersive experience for your med spa patients.

Your website isn’t complete if it has no visual and video elements. When the medical spa marketing agency shows your customers what you do, it will increase brand awareness and conversion rates.


Another popular trend is to have a chatbot.

Think of it as a customer service bot representing your med spa and monitoring your website 24/7. It will answer all questions raised by your current clients.

Hire True Ad Solutions: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Digital Marketing Needs!

If you’re searching for an agency that can market your business to the next level, look no further than True Ad Solutions.

As a full-service medspa marketing agency, True Ad Solutions has a proven track record of success for many aesthetic medical services. 

It knows the success of most med spas (or small businesses) relies heavily on repeat and loyal customers. That’s why we keep polishing our medical spa marketing strategy and using a variety of marketing channels to retain existing patients and attract potential clients.

We’re well aware of the recent digital marketing trends. So you need NOT worry about our marketing efforts to help you get more potential patients.

And if you’re worried about your local reputation, True Ad Solutions will guarantee that whenever a potential client searches “medspa near me” on Google, your medical spa will pop up.