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Mesmerizing aroma and real pleasure: what is the magic of Romanian coffee

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In Romanian homes and coffee shops, making coffee is a real art. And its center is the capital of Romania – Bucharest. From classic espresso to smooth salted caramel latte, every corner of this city is simply filled with the aroma of the popular invigorating drink. What are its benefits and diversity?

Mi Romanian coffee: beneficial properties and variety of species

Coffee, thanks to the caffeine in its composition, has a stimulating effect on the body. It improves blood supply to the brain and helps activate short-term memory. This drink is also a source of valuable antioxidants that protect body cells from free radicals. Coffee improves your mood, relieves drowsiness and fights lethargy, making it an indispensable elixir for a successful start to the day.

Interestingly, medical research has shown that drinking caffeinated coffee helps speed up your metabolism, which can help you lose weight. In addition, coffee has a positive effect on the digestive and immune systems.

There are many varieties of coffee, including Arabica, Liberica and Robusta, as well as blends of these. There are more than 120 types of coffee and many ways to prepare it. If you are in Bucharest, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy the harmony of rich coffee flavors. You will definitely find your unique scent in one of the best stores – Hotspot Coffee. Professional coffee experts are at your service here. They will definitely choose the drink just for you.

From espresso to latte: popular coffee drinks from Hotspot Coffe

This coffee shop will kindly prepare any coffee for you according to a unique recipe. What matters here is your preference and 5 minutes of time to fully enjoy a cup of this divine drink. If you have not yet decided in what form you prefer coffee, then we invite you to consider options for preparing it.

Espresso is a refined and strong coffee drink served in small portions, usually in 35-40 ml cups. Its distinctive feature is its rich taste and bright aroma. Espresso serves as the basis for many other coffee drinks, making it an indispensable coffee drink.

To give classic espresso a richer and more interesting taste, you can add spices or honey. It’s just important to remember that drinking strong coffee without additional liquid can cause drowsiness instead of alertness. Therefore, cold water after coffee becomes an integral part of a pleasant ceremony.

Cappuccino – this is a drink with a delicate and soft taste. Cappuccino is prepared by mixing one part at a time of espresso, milk and milk foam.

The cappuccino is served in a carefully warmed mug to keep it warm. If desired, you can add sugar or other ingredients to personalize the taste. As a finishing touch to this flavorful work of art, the top of the cappuccino is often decorated with various patterns or designs made of cinnamon, cocoa or chocolate chips.

Latte also prepared on the basis of espresso. Its special feature is that it comes with hot milk. It creates a beautiful and layered texture.

At first glance, cappuccino and latte are very similar, but there is one difference in them – the amount of milk. A latte contains one or two shots of espresso with plenty of steamed milk and a thin layer of milk foam on top, while a cappuccino has much more foam.

Mochaccino – one of the amazing variations of coffee drinks. It differs in that cocoa powder or chocolate syrup is added to the main composition of espresso and milk. This gives the drink a unique chocolate aroma and taste. These ingredients are poured into the drink at the last stage of its preparation, creating an incredible combination.

Macchiato. If you’re looking for something even richer and more uplifting, consider a macchiato. This drink is a type of cappuccino with milk foam and espresso in a 1:1 ratio. That is, one part milk and one part coffee. Macchiato will delight you with a rich coffee taste and delicate milk foam.

Well, have you chosen your option? If yes, then hurry up to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee at Hotspot Coffee. Here you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of real coffee abundance. After the tasting, you will definitely want to repeat the ceremony at home. No one leaves Hotspot Coffee empty-handed. And you will definitely choose your ideal invigorating drink here.