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Modern eCommerce Systems Can Transform Your Online Store

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It is time to start thinking about developing your website after you have a plan for your online company that includes a comprehensive grasp of the demographics of your ideal customers. Instead of constructing their own websites from the ground up, the overwhelming majority of online shops make use of web-based eCommerce platforms. This strategy has a substantially reduced barrier to entry, in addition to a scalable and standardized structure that provides a substantial amount of opportunity for expansion.

eCommerce Platform?

The practice of making purchases and sales through the internet is made possible by a kind of software known as an e-commerce platform. eCommerce systems that are cloud-hosted are becoming more popular among forward-thinking companies, which have mostly abandoned the practice of hosting their own solutions on-premises. When coupled with a reputable service provider, this not only results in lower overhead costs and a simpler implementation process but also improves data safety and accessibility.

The advantages of employing an eCommerce platform rather than commissioning a unique solution are undeniable, unless very unusual circumstances apply. However, it’s not always easy to figure out which option is best. Many options exist, including some tailored specifically to the needs of small enterprises with limited inventories. While some provide a great deal more versatility, this comes at the expense of a higher learning curve.

It is essential to choose the appropriate platform from the very beginning since making changes later on is difficult and may result in significant levels of disruption. Although there are situations when there are no other options, replatforming may be a difficult process that is sometimes also quite costly.

When selecting an eCommerce platform, numerous critical considerations include the following:

Search Engine Optimization

Customers will only go to your website if they are able to locate your business using search engines when they are looking for items that are comparable to the ones you sell. It is necessary to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to raise your website’s ranking and increase its visibility in the search engines.

Because of this, the e-commerce platform that you decide to use should include a variety of features that are linked to SEO, such as enabling users to write a meta description of a product, enabling users to add a blog to their website, enabling users to use their own domain name, enabling customers to post reviews, supporting Google sitemaps, and so on. The presence of these capabilities inside the platform will have a direct influence on the search engine optimization rankings of your website.

There are a number of solid eCommerce systems that are favorable to SEO, including Onveos, Magento, OpenCart, and Woocommerce. While Onveos offers its own distinct SEO aspects, the other three companies improve inbound marketing efforts.


E-commerce needs a certain set of tools and resources, all of which can be found inside an eCommerce platform. Integrations and plugins still need to be introduced to a platform in order to provide certain critical features. These key functionalities include tax calculators, payment gateways, accounting, email marketing tools, shipping applications, and so on.

You are going to come across a collection of essential integrations and plugins that are standard for all eCommerce systems. You should give preference to a platform that not only supports the integrations and plugins that are relevant to your company but also has an active community that is always working to develop the platform and handle any problems that may arise with it.

Technical Support

There is always the possibility that undesirable occurrences, such as software failures, server downtimes, and server breakdowns, may take place, which will prevent clients from accessing your website and making purchases. Not only will you see a decrease in income as a result of this, but it will also have an impact on the image of your company.

You need swift technical help from your eCommerce platform in order to get out of sticky situations quickly and get your shop back to operating normally once it has been disrupted.

For this reason, you should choose a platform that offers help precisely when you need it rather than one that does not. Make sure that you ask the customer care representatives of the various platforms you’re considering using these questions before making a final decision. Is technical help accessible around the clock or just during certain hours? How will they provide support—over the phone, online or through chat, via self-service options, and so on? How many different levels of help do they provide, as well as the prices associated with each?


Think about your financial constraints and do some comparison shopping across the different eCommerce platforms’ price tiers. Consider the whole cost, which should include any transaction fees, add-ons, and costs incurred by the payment gateway. Additionally, you should look for platforms that provide various price choices that are in line with the financial objectives of your organization. You will be able to pick the appropriate platform that is most suitable for your budget if you first compare the pricing of the different platforms and then consider their merits and downsides.

On a Final Note

In the process of developing your online shop, one of the most important steps is to choose the appropriate eCommerce platform. Think about the price, how easily it can be scaled, how easy it is to use, how customizable it is, how well it integrates, how secure it is, and how well it supports customers. Also, evaluate the demands of your company, investigate the most popular platforms, and contrast their price structures, features, and pros and cons. Make a selection that is well-informed and based on your objectives, needs, and the online business platform that most closely corresponds with the vision you have for your online company.

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