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Next.Js Projects With Source Code

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Next.js is a react framework that is mainly used in production code and comes with a wide range of features such as server-side rendering (both static and dynamic web pages) TypeScript support, route pre-fetching, and many more. The most prominent benefit of next.js applications is their contribution to SEO(Search Engine Optimization). It is mainly significant in deluding the results with an easy-to-use interface and feature development. The goal of Next.js is realized through its three rendering technologies including, Server Side Rendering (SSR), Pre-rendering, and Deferred Rendering (or Incremental Static Rendering, ISR).

Next.js is known as a React framework that provides developers with the flexibility of building either server-side rendered or statically generated web applications. It has built-in functionality including code splitting, dynamic hot module replacement, and a faster performance. Directly, Next.js simplifies routing, API integration, and data fetching, dealing with these tasks, developers are able to create nice user interfaces. In this article, we will look at the range of projects along with their source code In which you can use Next.js, and we will be offering a comprehensive guide to developers of different levels. Moreover, Visit OpenSourceCollection for the widest range of Top Next.js Projects With Source Code.



The Lenstube is a decentralized video-sharing social media platform, that employs Lens Protocol. Creators can upload content directly without gas fees becoming incurred at the time of posting and monetizing the videos. Their videos will be available permanently on Polygon which is both resilient and secure. The audiences have the option to create their collections of favorite pieces, show support by making some valuables from or tips, and subscribe to the artist through memberships can go a long way. Feel connected as you join us in our Tape community of creators and builders whose mission is to reshape the web, redesign social media, and design the blockchain of the next generation. Take into finding out about the production of content, innovative monetization systems, and others.


This is an e-commerce store built with Next.js 13 using the same open source and is brand new. That is created using the seeding solution by the create-t3-app. Caution The current project being under development phase stalls it from being ready for production purposes. They offer a way to perform database OS calls which are subject to change and may lead to the breakdown of your application. It incorporates such features as Authentication with Clerk, Files uploads with upload thing, Newsletter subscription with React email and inbox, and CSS-in-JS approach of emotion. A Media library that includes images of products, categories, and subcategories is available.


This is a “Netflix clone” not for professional purposes, but for educational purposes. I have built it with T3 Stack and bootstrapped it with create-t3-app. Authentication was integrated with NextAuth.js, Subscription was integrated with Stripe, Profile creation for individual users was implemented with rsc, tRPC, and Prisma, and Pin verification for existing users as well.


This is the real eCommerce shop that is made using next.js + tailwind CSS at the front end. It takes Shopify storefront API into consideration to interact with your backend at Shopify. A live Demo may be visible! they execute their queries on our Shopify data and A localStorage cache stores the user’s cart information between sessions of user. And for the last update- we opt for the Shopify Checkout system to enable our users to buy the products. This is done through the example store in which you can witness the various stages of production. Sure – you can use them for both stickers and padlocks.:smiley.


A social network website that includes Next.js, MongoDB, and Firebase it handles file-based routing and works with dynamic routes. designing a general structure, adding react elements, and styling them with CSS modules. convenient navigation through events and selection of an event by date. it implemented Static Site Generation (SSG) on the home page, calling events from Firebase and enabling page pre-rendering on the dynamic pages, using Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and client-side data fetching with SWR. Moreover, it adds metadata to the Head and customizes both the app.js as well as document.js files.

Benefits Of Next.Js Projects With Source Code

An array of benefits can be obtained from Next.js projects coded with source code for developers, learners, and businesses. 

  • Firstly, they help developers to learn in practice, giving them examples to investigate the matter of the Next.js concept’s literal implementation, which is very clear. In a way, by analyzing projects of this kind, developers can find some hints for themselves on what the best practice, pattern, or kind of style should stick to enhance their knowledge at the same time.
  • As well, Next.js projects with the source code give a huge benefit to developers making it possible for them to conduct experiments, edit, and even enhance the existing projects according to their individual needs. This direct implementation gives developers the chance to learn the ins and outs of Next.js functionalities and gain more soft skills in the web development profession.
  • Sharing our vision with our community through Next.js projects means that we can implement collective work. Open-source initiatives build up a collaborative environment where both developers and students can exchange their knowledge and experience as well as advise each other. Fostering public engagement helps to provide more learning chances, facilitate knowledge exchange, and the blessedness of implementing outstanding practices.
  • Next.js projects based on the source code also are less resource-consuming and take much less time to develop. Developers using those pieces of software can benefit from the ready packages, templates, and configuring elements of other projects, thus reducing the workload on their own part. It gives stars the option to make changes easily play around with new features, as well as improve the quality of their applications faster.
  • Next.js projects along with their sources deliver a well-rounded educational practice that involves working on practical assignments, group work, and speedy development. They combine the comprehensive educational section, ability-based certification, and comprehensive implementation stage into one tool. Therefore, these projects act as valuable resources in terms of Next.js framework usage for developers who are trying to tap into its power.

Wrap Up

Next.js is a tool that gives the power to developers to create modern and feature-rich web applications with less effort. By way of taking advantage of those capabilities, you can make your project idea the refocusing product of it. Regardless of whether you are creating an online store, a blogging app, or a portfolio site, Next.js knows your ingredients and the flexibility you require to succeed. Walk through the code to see the project examples, wire in the code that is provided, and have fun as you embark on your Next.js development journey today.