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Nick Nurse Unveils Exciting New Offense to Engage Sixers and Empower All Players

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There is a lot of pessimism floating around with the Philadelphia 76ers right now with James Harden’s trade demand has put a dampener on any possible good vibes around this team. However, even if the team doesn’t have great odds or is one of the biggest favorites on most online sportsbooks, there is still one major cause for excitement: the arrival of Nick Nurse to rejuvenate this roster.

Nick Nurse has arrived in Philadelphia by way of the Toronto Raptors. He led the franchise to their first-ever championship and is now looking to help the Sixers break their decades-long drought. With MVP Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and a number of talented role-players, the team should be competitive with or without James Harden.

So, what will Nick Nurse bring to the team? We know that he is a defensive wizard. Nurse’s Raptors squads always played a relentless brand of defense that gave opponents fits. The team relied on lanky wing defenders, which is something that the Sixers don’t currently specialize in. However, Nurse is a schematic mastermind, and he should be able to scrape together a top-ten defense, particularly with Embiid serving as one of the league’s top rim protectors.

There is also a lot of excitement for the new offense Nick Nurse will be bringing to Philadelphia. Last year, it felt like the team defaulted to a turn-based offense too often, with a lack of cohesion. The top players would just switch off isolation possessions and attacking the other team. But this year, Nurse plans to unveil a new offense that will be more cohesive and stem player engagement.

Reports have already come out about this exciting new offense. The idea is to have something more free-flowing, where not just the top players are empowered. The goal is to get everyone involved and to play a more democratic brand of basketball. This is something that the organization hopes will lead to every player taking a step forward.

With or without Harden, the Sixers are moving forward. With a new brand of basketball, the 76ers should be invigorated. It will be a more democratic, exciting brand of offensive basketball, complemented by the famed Nick Nurse defense.


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