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North Carolina has Legalized Sports Betting in 2023

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For every time you wished you had money in your pockets, whenever you predicted a game correctly, we’re glad to announce that your wish is about to come true. North Carolina has legalized sports betting in 2023, and this news is causing a lot of excitement!

Before, sports betting was illegal in North Carolina, and bettors had to look for other options to satisfy their betting needs. But the tables have turned, and now, even from the comfort of your home in North Carolina, you can place your stakes on your favorite game.

Let’s look at the history surrounding sports betting in North Carolina and how the jury came to make this enticing decision.

News of the Recent Gambling Bills Passed in North Carolina

Sports betting is a rapidly growing market, and North Carolina has finally decided to dive into the pool. On June 14th, 2023, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 347 into law, giving the go-ahead for making sports betting legal in 2024.

The bill legalizes professional and college sports, as there will be a vast plateau of options to pick from, including football, basketball, golf, soccer, hockey, and baseball, and it is to take effect as early as January 8th, 2024. On that note, college sports fans can wager on their favorite college games and teams and win tremendously.

While the state is working on introducing more land-based casinos and clearing the sportsbooks to launch in 2024, you can immediately wager on the games. The state has three existing, properly regulated casinos where bettors can make in-person sports betting. Feel free to familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions of sports betting.

Which Type of Gambling is Legal in North Carolina?

North Carolinians are free to wager at any of the three land-based casinos in the state, and some of the options available are Olympic, professional, and college sports. Since online college sports betting is part of House Bill 347, bettors can place stakes on college sports in North Carolina. However, highlighted below are some options you cannot wager on if you’re in North Carolina.

1. Politics

Betting on politics and political outcomes is considered illegal in North Carolina. So, political bets are not part of legal sports betting, whether with sportsbooks or in-person betting.

2. Entertainment

North Carolinians are not allowed to bet on award shows, which include the Oscars and other entertainment ceremonies.

What Offshore Casinos are Still Accessible in North Carolina?

You may still find it unbelievable that North Carolina has legalized gambling and is swiftly becoming one of the best places to place those bets, but it is as accurate as the air you breathe.

North Carolina online casinos are still being prepared to launch, but who says you can’t start taking those bets now?

With offshore online casinos, you get a pocketful of sportsbooks, racebooks, and casino recommendations well-fitted for any betting plans you have. These are some of the offshore casinos that are accessible to you in North Carolina:

  1. Ducky Luck Casino
  2. Red Dog Casino
  3. Bovada Casino
  4. Wild Casino
  5. Ignition Casino

Regarding reputation, fast and reliable payments, site security, game variety, and quality bonuses, these are your go-to offshore casinos accessible in North Carolina.

What Does This Mean for North Carolina?

A lot!

First of all, proximity. North Carolinians can stake their bets on these sportsbooks from the comforts of their homes. Even if you decide to bet in person at a casino, you wouldn’t need to travel to other states.

Secondly, more job opportunities would be created in the state, especially if more land-based casinos were introduced to North Carolina.

Thirdly, legalizing sports betting in North Carolina provides an avenue for citizens to support, both financially and emotionally, the home games played by their colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is online gambling legal in North Carolina?

Online gambling used to be illegal in North Carolina, but that’s no longer the case following the sports betting bill signed into law in 2023. In 2024, several sports betting applications will be launched, and bettors from all over the state will be free to wager online on their favorite sports.

How many land-based casinos are in North Carolina?

There are only three land-based casinos in North Carolina, and Native American tribes run them. Guided by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, these casinos sign pacts with North Carolina’s governor, disclosing the types of games they would offer bettors. This pact renewal ensures that the federal government does not regulate them. Only one of the three casinos offers slots and electronic table games, while the other two are resort casinos that offer slots and live table games. And yes, they all host sportsbooks.

Does North Carolina allow horse race betting?

Horse race betting is part of the sportsbooks that the three tribal casinos in North Carolina offer, but there are no pari-mutuel horse tracks in North Carolina. It was in 2021 that an offer was made to create a state racing commission, but it never got past the planning committee. Although North Carolina has some thoroughbred steeplechase races, none legalize betting. However, you should know that internet racebooks are included in the state’s new sports betting law.


The news of North Carolina legalizing sports betting is causing quite a positive rave among bettors in the state. Although it will be utterly live at the end of the first half of 2024, bettors are still expectant. Besides, if you’ve waited many years for the North Carolina government to legalize sports betting, what are a few more months you can’t wait for? Soon, you’ll be able to bet on your favorite horse and predict the scores of your favorite game without traveling to another state. So, sit back, relax, and get set to rake in those millions!