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Nu Skin, a leader in innovative health and wellness solutions, has launched Pharmanex Nu Biome, designed to support intestinal health and overall wellness.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy gut is essential for overall well being. From supporting healthy digestion to bolstering the immune system, the microorganisms in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract play a crucial role. Nu Skin’s Pharmanex Nu Biome is engineered to support this vital intestinal balance, helping individuals feel their best every day.

What is your gut microbiome and why is it important?
Your gut microbiome includes all the microbes, or tiny little microorganisms, that live inside your GI tract – trillions in fact! There are more microbes in your GI tract than actual human cells. Think of these little microbes as members of a large army inside your body. Some are fighting to keep you healthy, but there are some “bad” ones, too. It’s this balancing act of good and bad bacteria that we want to support so that you feel your best.

What are prebiotics and how do they work?
Prebiotics are non-digestible nutrients that help your intestinal microbiome thrive. They cause positive changes in the composition and activity of gastrointestinal bacteria. Prebiotics are essentially specialised nutrients that support the microbes in your gut, especially the beneficial ones. Just like a healthy fertiliser provides nutrients to help a plant grow, prebiotics are healthy nutrients to help good bacteria thrive. Prebiotics mainly come from dietary fibre from some fruits, vegetables, and grains, but because many people don’t get enough of these special nutrients from their regular diet, supplementation can be beneficial.

What are postbiotics and how do they work?
Postbiotics are less widely known than prebiotics. They are unique substances that have been produced by bacteria and have a beneficial effect, even after the bacteria themselves are no longer alive. Postbiotics are a new area of cutting-edge research focused not on the live bacteria, but rather the health benefits of the compounds produced by bacteria. In Nu Biome, the postbiotic is heat-treated bacteria (meaning the bacteria are no longer alive) that maintains the beneficial substances produced by the bacteria.

How do prebiotics and postbiotics work together to support your intestinal microbiome?
Both prebiotics and postbiotics are good for your gut health, but they work in different ways. Prebiotics provide fuel to support the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria. Postbiotics provide compounds that have additional health benefits beyond balancing good and bad bacteria. Both play an important role in supporting your intestinal microbiome, which is why Nu Biome uses a powerful dual- action approach.

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