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Painkiller on Netflix: Our Must-Watch Show Of The Year

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We all love a Netflix binge and over the last 12 months there have been many shows worthy of that, so as we reflect on the year and our favourite watches, we thought it would be useful to highlight the importance of Painkiller, a dramatisation of the current opioid crisis.

Released this summer, and starring Matthew Broderick as Richard Sackler, head of Purdue Pharma, at the heart of the opioid crisis, it’s an accurate and telling portrayal of just how the USA came to such crisis levels at a time where there’s news around it each and every day.

Today, thousands upon thousands of people are going through addiction counselling as a result of the opioid crisis. Painkiller is our must-watch show of the year, and here’s why…

Timely Exploration of the Opioid Crisis

Firstly, Painkiller arrives at a crucial moment in our collective awareness of the opioid crisis, making it a timely and relevant watch. The series delves into the complexities of the epidemic, addressing the root causes, societal impact, and the role of pharmaceutical companies, notably Purdue Pharma.

It’s a nuanced reflection of addiction and sparks important conversations around accountability, healthcare ethics and the need for systemic change. All of which is being discussed in wider society already.

Compelling Character Portrayals

It could have been very easy to get this wrong, but Painkiller provides a fantastic cast that really breathe life into the narrative, from Broderick as Richard Sackler to West Duchovny as Shannon Schaffer, while Uzo Aduba and Sam Anderson also play star roles.

It’s the experiences of characters that are affected by the opioid crisis that are most compelling however, offering a heartbreaking look into those struggling and the ethical and moral dilemmas they face. There’s a real authenticity to the characters that make it more than just a cautionary tale. It’s why the show has been so highly regarded by the critics.

Thoughtful Examination of Healthcare Ethics

Due to the current state of affairs with the crisis, there’s no way Painkiller would have got off lightly without it being carefully thought out. It is exactly that, especially when it comes to the element of opioid prescription and marketing, of which Purdue has been heavily criticised for.

It raises hugely important questions about the accountability and responsibility of pharmaceutical companies, something which has been hotly debated across the year, and will be for some time too. Painkiller adds thought provoking narrative to that and is a good watch to understand exactly what is being discussed at present, particularly when it comes to corporate responsibility.

A Call to Action and Awareness

Ultimately, and this is the reason as to why it’s up there with one of the shows of the year, it’s beyond just entertainment. Painkiller offers an important look into the opioid crisis and essentially serves as a call to action. Viewers need to be aware of what’s going on with the crisis and to what scale it really is damaging lives.

It’s causing thousands of people to die daily, and the more awareness around that, the more likely people are going to step up, take action and help solve what is a huge crisis that is far from going away.