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Plagiarism-Free Essays: The Essential Elements of a Stellar Admission Essay

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Now that you have completed the application and taken the necessary tests, it’s time to write your college admission essay. What is a college application essay? It’s a piece of writing that highlights your writing abilities, academic goals and skills, and your explanation as to why you are the ideal candidate for the course or college. The admission committee uses this essay to understand your personality, academic achievements, career goals, and intellectual curiosity.

An admission essay is undoubtedly instrumental in determining whether you will get accepted at the desired college. So, your essay should be powerful and leave a lasting impact. Considering the significance, a lot of students avail of essay help from writing specialists as they lack the skills to write a perfect college essay.

Professional writers have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to compose engaging essays that focus on your unique background, personality, and interests and help you stand out. Allessaywriter.com is a well-known academic platform where thousands of students sign up for college essay writing help. The writers have helped thousands of students and know the tricks and strategies to make successful admission essays. You can consult them for guidance and make your essays shine.

Nevertheless, if you want to create plagiarism-free essays and stand out, we have the perfect tips to help with your essay to achieve your goal. Here’s what you should do:

  • Compliance with instructions:

What is the hardest part of essay writing? We believe “starting the essay” would be a crowd favorite. So before you jump start with your paper, step back and ask yourself, “Are you ready?” By ready, we mean if you are clear about the basic guidelines. Every college essay comes with specific guidelines. If you don’t follow the writing guidelines of your desired university, the admission committee will assume that you are not keen on following the instructions. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and note everything: the essay structure, page count, maximum count limit, deadline, etc.

  • An engaging introduction:

Understand that the admission officers sift through thousands of hundreds of essays daily. Write a solid introduction if you truly want them to notice your piece. It should present a vivid picture of what you will write and contain a clear thesis describing the best parts of your character and personality. Remember, it should be attention-grabbing, so start with a hook or an anecdote about your life.

  • Subject focused:

The admission committees are looking for authentic students who don’t hesitate to be vulnerable when needed. Take your essay as an opportunity to show the officers your skills and knowledge of the chosen subject. Make sure you choose a subject that you are genuinely interested to learn. Your essay should reflect the relevancy of your chosen subject with your future career goals.

  • Deeper themes:

Most students believe that the admission committee wants students who are big achievers and look for facts, numbers, and detailed descriptions of different volunteering and extracurricular activities. But that’s not so. The officers are more interested in learning about you and what has brought you to this stage of life. They want to know about your challenges and how you have overcome them or after which incident you discovered something unique about yourself. Explore such deeper themes to take them on a reading journey.

  • Reader-centric:

All essays are written for specific readers. Similarly, your application essay should be clear and logical and must connect with the target readers. While writing, review the outline and check the points you have mentioned and the ones you missed. Analyze if the information you provided is sufficient to explain your theme. Ask yourself: will the reader understand what you are trying to say? Will it impress the reader? Does the essay have a proper flow? Is it abrupt anywhere? Did I exceed the word count?

  • Accuracy & uniqueness:

The last thing you would want to do is to spoil your chances with false or exaggerated information. Exercise honesty and give truthful information about yourself, your academics, and future goals. Also, don’t get carried away with essay examples available online. Copying examples, using lots of clichés, and lying in the essay are three red flags you must avoid. Instead, stick to the original angle and write logically to help them discover your unique personality.

  • Relevant examples:

A good college essay gives a glimpse into your life and your perception of it. Therefore, provide all the details and examples supporting it. Take some time to figure out the examples that align with your qualities and experiences, and pick an interesting angle to explain them. Each time you discuss an idea, include specific facts and examples to develop your personal experiences.

Now that you know the elements, start working on the first draft. Good luck!