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Planning Your Landscaping with Discount Tree Cutting and Removal

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First-rate tree care helps promote aesthetics and the protection of your properties. Discount Tree Cutting and Removal specializes in first-rate tree services, ensuring that your landscape is not only beautiful, but your trees are healthy and able to live up to old age. Our location at 286 Fort Washington Ave #1d, New York, NY can provide everything you need, from standard trimming up to complete tree removal.

Why Professional Tree Care is Important

Trees add value to the environment and property, be it at your residence or at the workplace. They provide shade, purify the air, and enhance the beauty of the place. But to keep these assets, you will need expert handling and precision, which is the reason professional tree care is something you cannot compromise on.

  • Health and Longevity: Pruning and trimming of trees keep them healthy and developing properly. Pruning also helps lower the spread of decay and other diseases because it removes the limbs of a tree that are dead or infected, which enhances the overall health of the tree.


  • Safety: Trees that are not trimmed or that have been damaged turn into a major safety hazard. The professional services related to tree removal will lower the chances of falling branches, which pose a threat not only to people but also to property.


  • Aesthetic Value: Properly maintained trees add aesthetic value to your property. Trimming trees and shrubs, and stump grinding, will give your landscape a tidy and organized look.


  • Property Value: A well-landscaped property with healthy trees can show a substantial increase in property value over time. Your continued investment in tree maintenance services will, in turn, make your landscape beautiful and valuable.

Services Offered by Discount Tree Cutting and Removal

At Discount Tree Cutting and Removal, you can access a host of services that encompass all the needs of your tree care:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning: Our professional arborists carry out meticulous tree pruning and trimming for enhanced healthy growth and to maintain shape, as well as safety.


  • Tree removal: It may be done due to safety concerns or if you are going to redesign your landscape.


  • Stump Grinding and Removal: The stumps left after trees have been removed can be unpleasant and dangerous to the human eye. We have stump grinding and removal services that clear stumps right to the ground.


  • Shrub Trimming: We offer services for trimming shrubs along with the tree services to generally increase the visual appeal of your garden.


  • Land Clearing: Our land clearing is for larger scopes of work where a considerable number of trees or overgrown landscapes are taken down, thereby preparing the property for new construction or a landscape overhaul.


  • Tree Care Services: We provide you with regular care to keep trees healthy throughout the year.


  • Tree Service Near Me: What to Look for in a Tree Service That should involve looking at the expertise, experience, and, most importantly, customer feedback. 

Discount Tree Cutting and Removal is proud to be the best tree service in New York that provides affordable tree service. 

But, at no point, are we wanting quality. Our team is highly experienced, and for taking care of all the jobs related to trees, there are a team of certified arborists.

How to Reach Us

Are you working on preparing for a new landscaping project? Give us a call at (917) 920-6045 and set up your consultation. Discount Tree Cutting and Removal can assist you with all services, from trimming to removal. And remember, maintain your trees the way it’s meant to be done: professionally. You will preserve your property’s beauty and safety, save your trees’ lives so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Talk to us today at (917) 920-6045 or come visit us at 286 Fort Washington Ave #1d, New York, NY 10032, to learn more about our services and how we can help you obtain the dream landscape you have always longed for.


Your landscape trees deserve the best care and maintenance, and it is done only at the hands of a pro. From tree trimming to removal and total tree maintenance, Discount Tree Cutting and Removal is the only way to go. Call us today to make sure your New York landscape is staying beautiful, safe, and valuable. Our expertise is only a phone call away: (917) 920-6045. Let us help you achieve even more beautiful property! So, when you type in “tree service near me” or very specific needs such as “stump removal” or “land clearing,” you can rest assured that Discount Tree Cutting and Removal will meet all those requirements. We can’t wait to serve you in keeping your landscape pristine and safe.